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What to do, what to do? !

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First off, this is NOT an April Fools joke, I'd never joke about anything like this, but I have a question for you guys, especially those who live in more rural areas. Do you have any trouble with people dumping their junk on your land, and what does the local government do about it? I'm asking for this reason, my hubby and I are VERY ticked off right now. We own 25 acres of land about 3 miles from the city limits of town, and we've always had a problem with people dumping stuff, just 'cause we're at the end of the road and are gone all day. (Partly why I have so many feral cats). Well, yesterday, someone hit a new low, I drove home late yesterday evening, and halfway down our private driveway in a little clearing, someone had been kind enough to drop off two dead calves !!! Grr #1. Called the County sherriff, who told us to call the county commissioner in our area this morning. Called him, the city landfill, and a myriad of other agencies and such, and can't get anyone to do a darn thing about it, the landfill won't even accept the bodies ! Grr #2 ! If we leave them there, in a day or so the stink will be unbearable, so my hub has gone home to either bury them or figure out some way of getting rid of them. Sigh, sorry 'bout this, but I had to get it off my chest this morning before I screamed !
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OMG, I can't believe that someone would do that! is there any way you could post a sign saying not to dump or tresspassers will be shot/prosecuted?

Is there a EPA nearby? Perhaps they can direct you to the proper person to contact?

That is so disgusting!
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Hi there,

I'd contact your county animal control for advice and help first. If you get a negative response from them, I'd call the health dept for your county since this certainly qualifies as a public health issue. If those fail, I'd contact your local Television Stations and newspapers to take it public. Govt agencies hate to see negative press about themselves. Especially during an election year.

The ongoing trash dumping is an issue that you can take up directly with local law enforcement by phone first, and then by registered letter. If they fail to handle it, again I'd take it public.

I hope this helps and good luck.

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I like that advice to go public with the TV stations. I had a problem with animal control not picking up a dead animal in front of my house. I called the Mayor's office and made a complaint. They were there that night.

Is your land posted NO DUMPING/TRESPASSING?? Is it obvious that it is a driveway or is it a dirt road leading to your house?? That would be my first move...posting the signs and possibly putting a gate in front of the driveway.
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Cindy another alternative would be to call a renderer, or even a country vet? Many times the animals are picked up and used for fertilizer. The only other alternative would be to get a friend with a backhoe, and have him dig a hole (if it is legal for you to bury livestock on your land) and give the earth back these poor babies. I would be so tempted to install video cameras in your trees to see who is abusing your land like this!
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Originally posted by hissy
I would be so tempted to install video cameras in your trees to see who is abusing your land like this!

Frankly, this is exactly one thing I would invest in and do. You can buy x-10 modules and do the installation yourself....post your drive and property, and let 'em know they are under surveillance.

Only because it sounds like such a constant problem...
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Originally posted by hissy
I would be so tempted to install video cameras in your trees to see who is abusing your land like this!
That is one of the things we are planning on doing, had intended to do it last spring, but between a tornado hit in November 2002 and my surgery in March, 2003 we just didn't get it done. Looks like it and probably a gate are the next two things on our shopping list.
Hub went to the local paper (local tv is a joke) and they're going to do a story on it, and he finally got the county to put up one of their "no dumping" signs up just past where their easement ends (not 500 ft from where we found the calves. I hated to bring this here, but I guess I really needed to talk to someone besides the hub and get some fresh ideas, from folks that I knew would be just as sick over thoses babies as I was !
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Local town had the same problem. Two teens dumped a deceased cow on private property. Town offered zero help so the property owner loaded the deceased cow and delivered it to city hall front lot. Comment was, this is what happened to us. Since it wasn't a violation when it happened to me, must not be one when I do it to you. By the way, it really smells huh? The Town Council assigned "THE" sheriff (the elected guy himself) to investigate the ORIGINAL dumping. BOth kids were caught and prosecuted.

The down side is that the property owner usually does get hit with the problem. Doesn't mean you can't create some attention.

The calves came from somewhere. Call the state ag lab and explain that you are concerned that one of the local farms has a possible disease problem and they maybe trying to conceal it by dumping the evidence in your back yard. Since none of them have reported a felony cattle rustling incident, it is a logical presumption.

Someone will take notice. Call the news and pitch that angle to them! Dead cows, not newsworthy. Possible disease coverup and scandal - now thats lead at 5pm stuff!
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Excellent idea Mark, but wouldn't the necropsy have to be done to
rule out disease? And don't the carcasses have to stay frozen or in good shape in order to have correct results?

But really when you think about it and all this mad cow scare stuff, two dead calves is very sobering.

Good luck Cindy I hope they find out who did this and why those babies died.
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Hi Cindy..... I am very sorry that You and Charlie have to go through this mess.... I will be praying for a quick and resonable resolution to this. And lots of hugs and scritches to You and Charlie and the furbabies.
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My parents have had the same sorts of problems for years. People back their trucks up to one of the creek beds in the front of their property and dump it all out. My father called the Mayor's office when they found a bag of kittens someone had thrown out and he was told that unless they had some sort of 24 hour watch, there wasnt alot they could do about it. So, my parents put an 8ft chain link fence around their land (35 acres) and a remote operated gate at the driveway so no one can get in. The problem stopped, but I know they dropped alot of money into that. If you cant get any results from calling the county and state officials, I would start taking pictures and sending them to every news station I could get my hands on.
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Perhaps before installing the cameras, you could put up a sign that states that this place is being monitored by a camera and that all evidence will be handed to the police or that you will press charges. You do not need to actually install the camera just put the sign, maybe that will help.

Afterall that is what the military or police sometimes do. Instead of planting a minefield and putting warning signs of a minefield, just stick the warning signs there. Or in the case of a police a traffic camera with no film.
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I like the way the people in here think. Mark, my wife said you and I must be related via the devious gene.

To continue on with the theme of making it LOOK like you have security around your property without actually having to go to the high expense that entails I would send you here to look at Faux cameras that are really inexspensive. We use these around some property we have in Az. that kids used to party at along with signs. No more parties and no real time or expense involved.

Again, I would make a ton of noise at all public levels, and watch how fast you get action.

Good luck
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Cindy I can't give you any better advice then you have already been given but I have to tell you that's disgusting and I wish you the best of luck!
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