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hello, and help

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hi, all...

i have two male cats, just more than 5 years old each. their names are Hewey and Dewey. i adopted them from an animal shelter when they were kittens. both are neutered, indoor cats (i live in an NYC apartment).

my cats have been a joy to me since i got them. but this past week...i don't know WHAT is going on. Hewey, it appears, is suddenly in some kind of heat...do males go into heat? when he milktreads, he's begun to try to mount me. why all of a sudden? he's never done this before. he has always been a very affectionate cat, but now he just won't leave me alone!

we had a female cat living here with us for about 4 months. she's gone now. she and Hewey were best mates. do you think this could have anything to do with the sudden change in his behavior?

anyway, both cats have gotten extremely rambunctious...perhaps it's the spring weather...

so, does this sort of thing happen all the time?
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Welcome to the site!

I am going to move this to the Behavior Forum where our experts will be more likely to see this and offer some suggestions.
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I'm having the same problem with my male, neutered , ex-stray !! I thought is was spring fever, or something. Lately he's been doing a sexual, humping thing on/by me in bed while he kneads, and shreds, my quilt. This all started last week. Any suggestions? Hopefully this will stop.
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Haven't had that problem with my boys. Bumping you up so others will see this thread.
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