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Eating/Food Question

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I just got a cat from the humane society, she is about 1-2 years old. she is very sweet, but the other day she threw up twice mostly whole food and it seemed it was from overeating. So i began limiting her food to the recommended value on the Science Diet Bag (3/8 to 4/8 per day for 6lb cat). This seemed to do the trick, but she behaves like she is starving, pawing at me, pawing at the cabinet, and running to the kitchen every time I enter. Is this normal? Should I feed her more? The vet said she is a good size/weight. I am a novice cat owner and could use advice.
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You can elevate her bowl to stop her from gulping her food. I hope a vet has seen her? You don't say how long you have had her, but she is possibly just anxious that there will be food available. Most shelters don't feed a whole lot. You might think about getting a timed feeder, and it can dole out small amounts all day of dry food and allow her to feel secure enough that there is food there.

If you choose not to go this route, just be sure and stick to a schedule when you do feed. Feed in the same place everytime (not close her litter pan) for reasons of health issues. Feed in the same bowl, and remember to feed the cat, not the bowl. I would imagine that once she gets used to the fact that THERE WILL BE food for her, she will calm down a lot. It will just take a period of adjustment for the both of you.

Welcome to cat ownership, and welcome to TCS!

Follow the link to check out automated feeders-

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thanks for the welcome and the advice. I have only had her for about a week and a half. She went to the vet last Friday and she said that she is healthy. I elevated the bowls and I will look into the timer. Thanks again.
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one more short question, she seems to really perfer the hardness of the dry food. Also when i give her a little treat (Wisker Lickins') she does not like the soft/chewy kind but enjoys the firmer type. do you think she needs a different type of toy? is there something anyone could recommend.
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My cat Simon does the same thing. I elevated his bowl and he hasn't thrown up since. I have no idea why it works but it does!
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I have the same issue with my cat, Mosley. Only I've had her for about 1.5 years. She still acts like she's starving all the time and then when I feed her she usually only eats a few bites and is happy. She even acts frantic for food when there's some left in their bowl but thinks it's a time she should get fed. I'm thinking she doesn't feel secure that there will always be food there so maybe I should leave it out all the time?? will this cause her to get even more overweight or do you think this will solve the problem? I really think it's more psychological than physical but she is already a few pounds overweight. Help!!
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Where was the cat before the shelter? If a stray, she might have worms. Shelters often don't deworm for all types of worms. Is this something that was checked by the vet? I adopted a cat from a shelter, checked out OK at the vet, and two months later found the classical "grain of rice" on his butt. He hadn't been outside since I got him and didn't have fleas, either, so he must have already had the worms at the shelter when I adopted him.
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