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Fur color....

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My Neko has the seal point face somewhat, not sure what breed he is, he has the normal points, except the paws which are like a snowshoe, so basically to me he looks like a mixed snowshoe, lol. Well I know their points get darker with age, and he has gotten much much darker. Except one thing now, he is 1 years old, and shortly after his birthday I started noticing that the hairs below his eyes are turning white, not everything, just sparse white hairs. I swear he is getting more and more! I thought they were supposed to get darker, not lighter! Anyone know why they are changing colors?
Here are some pictures of him to show you what he looks like, I can't get any up close of his face right now, I will try again later!

Neko the day we got him:

His 1st birthday:

And him lounging around:

Wow looking at his baby pictures is so weird, he looks so different!
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Beacause he is a mix, it is likely that's where the white hairs come from. Most of my guys have white hairs on them, and the older they get, the more they have. He is gorgeous BTW!!!
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Neko reminds me of Raffael and just looks like him . Raffael is a Siamese / Tonkinese mix . Neko sure is a cute looking boy
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Wow they do kinda look alike, same face! Thanks, he is my big baby boy! About 11 lbs! He is noisy too, when he is sleeping he moans and groans, he also grunts, lol!!!

This is my favorite picture in the whole world! Neko was about 3 months old, and Doku about 1 month.
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OMG how cute .

I was reading that Tonkinese like to eat . I know my boy sure don't miss a meal LOL
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Well that sounds like Neko! Not only does he not miss a meal, he goes from bowl to bowl to bowl, and then if he is still hungry he will steal some dog food! He does get exercise though, only in the mornings, he refuses to play after morning, he chases Doku and Scooter through the house.

Isn't it weird how you think you are perfectly happy with your pets, and then you go and get another and wonder how you lived without that one as well?
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Neko is an awesome looking cat!
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Thanks, but I think Amber is awesome looking as well. We haven't seen many pictures of her lately!
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I have posted a few new ones on her web pages, but it has been a while since I put some on TCS. I will try to post some new ones. My wife and I have been busy looking at houses, so that has kept me a little busy. That should be a real experience, moving with 7 cats into a new home
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I know the same feeling, my mom applied for a job in Colorado, and if she gets that we will be moving with the cats PLUS a german shepherd and golden retriever/lab mix! But we figured out how we would do it if she gets it, it is a pet moving service, they pick up your pets and drive them to your home, they take exotics as well. Here is the website if your interested! If you aren't moving to far you could probably just make several trips with crying cats, lol!
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Oh my gosh - he look so much like my Dante!!!! They could be TWINS! SOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I just wanna cuddle him! Dante wasn't that dark when he was young, though. He's gotten a lot darker as he's gotten older... as most siamese he was pure white when he was born! But he also has the white feet, the brown body, and the black face, ears, and tail, and the white chest. And it looks like your sweetie also has some faint stripes hiding in there.... Dante's get more faint as he gets older, but he has them too.

Ever since we got Dante I am just in LOVE with the Siamese looking cats! Although Dante isn't a real Siamese, we really don't know what he is, either... he's just a mutt! hehe

I'd to see more photos of your Neko!!

I have tons of baby photos of Dante my web page, if you want to compare notes! I haven't updated it in forever so they only go up to when he was like 9 months old, though. He's one and a half now. http://skye.hippy.com/Photo_Index.htm
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Wow I looked at the baby photos and they do look a lot alike, is your roommates cat Luna? She is gorgeous too! I took about a million pictures of Neko when we got him home, but he wouldn't stop playing so I really only have a couple.

Here he is when we brought Doku home, she was only 2 weeks old when we got her.

The day we brought him home

ok this is Doku at 2 weeks, she was at some pet store that was trying to say the kittens were 2 months old, does she LOOK 2 months? We just had to have her because we have experience with orphaned kittens, and I just didn't know where she would end up if we didn't take her:

You can post some of Dante on here, I looked at some on the fur pictures thread as well, just so cute!
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OMG they are just SO SO SO SOOOOO cute! Why can't they stay kittens forever? ...wait a second, nevermind that! My furniture couldn't take a forever kitten!

Yes, Luna was Dante's littermate. She looked a LOT like her mother cat and is really small like her, so we assume Dante got his coloring and large size from his daddy. It was so heartbreaking to split Dante and Luna up, from the time they were born they were NEVER apart. They always napped together and played together and did EVERYTHING together. But both are doing fine now and both have new siblings to keep them company.

I would love to post more photos of Dante here, but my free web site host wont allow outside linking so they wont work if I do. You'd just see a big grey box that said "forbidden link!" Oh well! But I'm glad you got to see them! Especially in the kitten photos, I think the two look SO much alike!
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