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bald spot

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Any thoughts on why a cat would get a bald spot? Sunshine is missing about a dime size area of fur by her ear. She doesn't have fleas or ticks, and is an indoor cat. I am not sure if its getting bigger or not, we noticed it about 2 weeks ago, and it seems to be the same. Although it doesn't seem to be getting better either. Thanks.
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It might be ringworm which is a spour and you can bring it into the house on your own shoes. I would check to see if there is a red ring (although I'm told that the redness is not necessary). Also, I would check to see if there are any other spots on her. I would take her to the vet to see if it is or if it could be an allergy which I do have a cat that has it but until I found out what the problem was, I was going nuts. Hope it's an allergy and not ringworm which is treatable but a real pain in the butt.

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I had a cat that started getting a couple bald patches too. Turned out to be ringworm. My daughter and I both ended up catching it. But it was easier to clear up on us than it was on the cat. You may want to take her to the vet. They have a very easy way of telling if it's ringworm, and then you could get some medicine before you end up catching it too.
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Well, I called the vet and she is going in on Friday. They said though, since it has been there for a while and the kittens nor any of us have it, it probably is something else.
Do you think I should check w/ my pediatrician to see if my kids should be looked at? They don't have anything on them right now, but I am worried that they may get it if it is ringworm. What do you think??
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If you or the kids ever do get ringworm all you can do is wait for the rash and then go to the Dr. It's very close to athletes foot and they will give you cream to clear it up. If you go now, there's nothing they can do.
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Well, I've "inspected" my kids and I don't see anything at all. Also, I looked very closely at the kittens and all seem fine. I hope it is an allergy....the vet said ringworm would be very contagious and we should be showing signs, or at least the kittens should. We'll see on Friday. Thanks for all the responses gals.
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Hi dtolle,

Sometimes stressed, bored etc. cats make themselves bald by grooming excessively ! But you said that your cat was bald in her ear, so that can't be the case..Did you check her for ear mites ?? Sometimes ear mites can live outside the ears & can cause this..
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I had just the same problem with one of my cats and it was ringworm. Check to see if the skin looks dry, if there are little skin flakes. If you and your kids catch it, you will see some ring red marks in about 15 days or a month. In humans, it's very easy to treat. In cats, it takes along time.

I hope it's not ringworm. If it is, my vet gave me a tip always give the medication with a little butter (it seems that the medication is better absorbed by the animal with the butter). He told me also that if the ringworm medication is to be taken a long time, the cat might need something else to protect the liver from the medication.

Anyway, I hope it's not ringworm! If it is, ask about the butter and the liver...

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Thanks everyone for the responses. We are heading out to the vet this morning, so I'll have a diagnosis. I appreciate all of your input!
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