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collar question

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ok I put a new collar on Tabs about 2 weeks ago, and already it's been frayed like crazy

Is it something that the cat does or is it just a bad collar (it came from petsmart)

Also do they make any leather type collars where I wont experience that problem


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My boy boy always has this problem with his collar cos he would use his hind leg to scratch his neck... thus fraying the collar... now i've gotten a plastic collar for him and the problem is solved... you might wish to try the leather one...
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Actually...as I understand it...they recommend "breakaway" collars for cats...just in case the collar get's caught somewhere. You may want to also microchip your cat.

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This is funny because we purchased a stretchy collar for Princess from Petsmart, with the id tag as well (we can't buy break away ones, they all know how to take them off) and a couple days later the whole thing was frayed to death! Now the collar is missing which makes me mad because those id tags can get expensive! I GIVE UP!
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If the cats will let you trim their nails, regularly trimming just the sharp tips off of the back claws will help blunt them & help keep the back nails from catching the collar & causing it to fray.

Also, take a look at the fabric weave of the collar - selecting a very tightly woven collar will help cut down on fraying - I've seen some safety release cat collars at Petsmart that are made of silk - very soft & pretty, and perhaps they wouldn't fray as much b/c of the tight weave?

If you decide get a leather collar, don't forget to make sure it has a safety release.
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