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Bill's lecture

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After an awful day, at work - systems down and customers po'd - I came to find a hunk of round steak, defrosting on the kitchen counter. I remarked that Bill was a trusting soul, leaving a tasty piece of juicy red beef, where mischievous kitties could get to it.

I was informed that Bill had lined the cats up and sternly lectured them, about the consequences of stealing steak. He closed his remarks with, "Touch my steak and I'll beat your @$$es."

Naturally, this carried great weight with the Three Terrors. Opie jumped to the top of the cupboards and gave Bill a look, as if to say, "I'll have a hunk of steak, if I want it!" He was still sitting there, glaring away, when I got home. Buddy opted to loll on the sofa and visit the litter box while Rowdy took up her position on the sink and supervised the dinner preparations. Bill shook his finger, in Rowdy's face and told her vacate. She nipped his finger, called him a dirty name and sat right back down.

These cats are well aware of the fact that they have Bill wrapped around their paws and he wouldn't hurt them, on a bet. We all know, who's the biggest pussycat, in the family.
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LOL Cindy!

Our very first cat I remember having was a stray mama who had 4 feral kittens somewhere out in our yard. On a warm summer day, my mother left a steak out to defrost. Mama Cat swiped it and ran out of the house. Boy, was my mother ticked off!
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LOL, love the story Cindy!

Once, one of my parent's cats took off with a whole chicken that mum was planning to cook. She was very upset.
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LOL!! That sounds so much like what is happening round my house!!
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One of my friends told me that one year a relative's dog had taken off with the Thanksgiving turkey for the holiday dinner. Don't remember what she said they did when the relatives all got there.
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There were a few tiny bits of meat, left stuck in the skillet. After it cooled, Opie hopped up and helped himself, to a little bite. Buddy and Rowdy spotted him and THEY got themselves some, too. Bill's lectures are VERY effective.

I was sitting on the couch, eating a pudding cup (Swiss Miss triple chocolate dream - YUM!) and Buddy got so bold, as to hop up and start sniffing at it. Guess that he wanted dessert, after his bite of steak. I don't share my chocolate with ANYBODY!
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..... I just got thru ordering a pizza and the half-kid Tiger... Jumped on the kitchen sink thinking she was gonna get a bite of pizza
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For some reason I don't remember which cat it was, but one time we had burgers and the cat just jumped up and tried to take a bite out of the burger while in MY hands! They also steal McDonalds french fries if we aren't being careful!
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Reminds me of the time after Thanksgiving that I took out a turkey breast and sat it on the counter while I went to answer the phone. I went back to the kitchen and Hallie had dragged the whole huge turkey breast off the counter and was chomping down on it! It looked so funny! Hallie still was just a ghost of a thing at the time.
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That's hysterical! My cats don't usually get on the counters when we are cooking so I'm lucky, but last night we had pork. I had cooked the chops and left one on the counter for my husband (he wasn't hungry at the time). About 10 minutes later, I jumped up and wrapped it up. I just had a feeling that it was about to disappear!

I love the pudding story! My cat Simon will see me eating something he likes (anything milk based - yogurt, ice cream) and he will come over and give me that intense cat stare until I offer him a bit!
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LOL Cindy when I saw this thread I thought it was going to be about Bill giving you a lecture about your shoes, No offence!

Cute stories. Mine all include the dogs jumping up and stealing it.
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Bill never lectures me about shoes. He merely shakes his head and says, "Whatever makes you happy, Baby."
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