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Ok I am up late. Why you ask? I found 2 rather large spiders in my home in less than a half an hour. Yes I am a baby when it comes to spiders!!! My hubby is at work so I am scared to sleep. I just can't stand spiders!!! It makes it worse when they are half dollar size!!! I have seen small spiders in the home before but 2 large(what I call large)spiders just gives me the creeps. I hope I can get this off my mind so I can sleep. I also have never seen this type of spider in my home before and to see 2 in such short time freaks me out!!! I was crying because I did not know what to do. I got out bleach and sprayed the one then killed it with a mop. The other I killed with hubbies shoe. I just had to tell someone sorry guys... I hope no one is mad for my being scared and acting like a baby.
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With me it is snakes and sleeping in a room with the door closed. Both I can't stand! Spiders are okay in my book unless they are the Brown Recluse or Black Widow. Usually the really large spiders are the garden spiders and as summer leaves, some of them find their way indoors. You can go to a nursery and buy diacotumus earth crystals and sprinkle this around the outside of your home, and all the creepy crawlies will stop trying to gain access to it. Hope you can sleep soon.
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I don't think you are silly. I am that way. One of our cats caught a mouse one day in the house and I went ballistic. I called my husband at work and he thought I was so silly. He said to scoop the mouse up in a shovel and carry it way out back of the house to a drainage ditch and put it in there. It was still alive but I did it. I shuddered about it the rest of the day and even now writing about it. The best thing would be to think of something pleasant or read a book for a while. Maybe you could get someone to do pest control in your home. :chicken:
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Nicole - I feel for you, I really do. I have a thing about spiders too. When I was a teenager I was bit by a Brown Recluse, and it was pretty bad (but thankfully it was caught before it started rotting). Unfortunately, I live in Texas where the bugs are just bigger and better! We have spiders all the time, and since I have young children, I have to "act" brave for their sake. We are having a problem right now with wolf spiders. They're really big and aggressive. They'll actually chase you sometimes, and they do bite. The best thing to kill these guys is bug spray. I used to have a great cat who would hunt these in the house and kill them all. You could see that the spider was biting him (not poisonous), but he's just shake his head and continue on. He could make one spider last for half an hour. All that would be left was legs. Unfortunately, Muffy, the cat I have now, would not be caught dead hunting spiders. She's "above" all that.
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I know exactly how you feel. I am scared to death of all spiders, big or small. Here is what happened to me one time......

One night I woke thirsty so went to the kitchen to get a drink. I did not turn on any lights. Walked over to the kitchen sink, got some water, and turned around while drinking it. Well what do I see? Hundreds of glowing pairs of eyes. Or it seemed that many to me. Talk about someone short jumping up on the cabinet fast. Then I turned on the light over the sink. Oh my I almost had a heart attack. The floor was covered with tiny little spiders!!! Well I then proceeded to cry and yell for my hubby at the same time. He came in there and sprayed them and swept them all up. The whole time he fussed at me for being a big baby. Who cares.. at least he got rid of them!! It seem that a momma spider had picked that time and place to hatch her babies....shutter!!! It was a very long time after that before I would walk around at night without a light on. And needless to say I didn't sleep at all the rest of that night!!!!

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Meme - You just reminded me of a story my good friend told me last week. We were on this same subject, talking about how many spiders we're having lately. She said that she stepped on a spider to kill it a while back, and it had babies in it. Literally hundreds of baby spiders swarmed out of the mother when she stepped on it. She always uses bug spray now, and I have to say I would too. That is just too entirely creepy. And, Meme, if it had been me, I would have been screaming to wake the dead!
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I don't like spiders, or snakes for that matter. or bugs. geez the list just keeps getting longer and longer...

I don't have any spider stories, but what always keeps me up is when I'm lying in bed (and my boyfriend is gone, this never happens when he is there, and really not so much since I got the cats) and I hear a noise that I can't explain. I will literally lay in bed frozen, my heart pounding. And then I have trouble falling asleep because I'm just sure that someone is waiting in the shadows to come get me. I've actually started sleeping with the tv on.

I'm such a scaredy cat. must be all the dean koontz, stephen king books that I read.
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This woman's husband bought her a big barrel cactus for their newly decorated living room. The plant was huge and they put it in the corner in a big decorative pot.

One evening, they were sitting on the couch and a movement caught their eye. One of the pods of the cactus was bulging and decreasing, bulging and receding. To thier horror they watched as the bulb of the cacti split open and thousands of baby tarantulas poured out!!! Now I like spiders, but I sure would draw the line at this. They scrambled out of the house, and the lady admitted later she shook for days and days after the exterminators left and had cleared out the problem. They also found out that barrel cactuses are one of the places momma trantulas lay their eggs.....!
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Well I am glad to know it wasn't my imagination and that they do have that many babies!! And I was too scared to scream! Just cried and yelled my hubbys name now and then until I woke him....
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Many many years ago, I was a counselor at a YMCA camp- in those days the camps were coed. I had what I thought the good fortune of having the same girls two summers in a row. They had requested me. One of them, (my favorite) Suzy knew about my phobia of snakes and so the second year, she brought with her a huge fake rubber snake from home. I did not know this until one morning, the way our camp was set up, the washrooms were down the hill from the cabins. There was covered area where the sinks were, and the pipes were protruding above the sinks in a network of plumbing. So, I always woke up at about 5:00 a.m. and would take my flashlight, and go get ready while my cabin slept.

As I was walking down the hill my light flashed on the sink and there wrapped around one of the pipes and glistening- (the little twerp had wet the darn thing down) was this huge snake! My screams woke the whole camp and the girls were hiding in the woods nearby and they just busted their guts laughing! I could of killed all of em! I endured a lot of teasing that summer, and at the end of the camp session, I was presented with a nice stuffed snake! It didn't stop my fear of them either, and thankfully where we live now, all I have to worry about are garter snakes in the garden. I don't kill them, but I sure do leave them alone when I do see them.
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Well I finally fell asleep at 4:30 this morning. Dawn I am so sorry to hear you got bit by a Brown Recluse. The spiders I am having trouble with is a Wolf Spider same as you. Yes it ran after me too!!! I called my hubby and told him and he says go to sleep it won't bother you. I was so mad at him!! I'll have to call him at work and have him bring bug spray home. I am so glad you guys don't think I am silly. I would have really freaked out if a bunch of babies came out when I killed the one with the shoe. I think Wolf Spiders carry the babies on their back.
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I'm glad you finally got to sleep. My husband always gives me a hard time too. When he's home, I make him take care of the spider, but he insists on carrying the darn thing outside. I wish he'd just kill it! Otherwise it'll end up back inside.

Have you ever dreamt that a spider's walking on you, and then you wake up and you KNOW for sure that you dreamt it because it was really happening? That creeps me out really, really bad.

I do need to call an exterminator though. We've been having a big problem with roaches and water bugs this year. They're so nasty. Now those things really make me scream! They're so fast, and the water bugs can actually fly. Ugh!
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Sorry guys I am not a spider phob. I actually like spiders - they eat all the nasty bugs in the world. It's actually good if you have spiders in your garden (I have heard). My Fiance on the other hand has an extreme phobia about spiders (worse than you guys). If I am home and he finds one I have to kill it. He can't even look at a picture of a spider! I am bad about roaches. I have a really bad phobia of roaches, so bad that I have a recurring nightmare about them! I'm getting the heebie geebies just typing about it! My fiance and I have an agreement: he kills the roaches, I kill the spiders. I end up killing more than him since we don't have a problem with roaches. The spiders seem a bit abundant this year!
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Sorry no roaches here water bugs yes. When I lived in New York we had roaches. I hated them but not like the spiders. Big spiders just creep me out. Did you know not to step on roaches you can spread the eggs that way. Best way to kill roaches is bug spray. I posted a site about bugs last night since I was up. I will post the link here too.
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After reading this thread...I now have the heebie jeebies!!!

When my husband and I lived in town, we had wolf spiders in the basement.....once in awhile one would make it's way upstairs, and even though they creeped me out....I had no problem chasing one down and smashing it...I really don't have a phobea of spiders, although I don't like them.
But sfell...............ROACHES............ YES.....BIG PHOBEA here!!!!!! *ugggggggggggggg*

We occasionally have one in our house, since we live in the country, and they sometimes get in. It totally freaks me out!!!

And what's worse is those WATERBUGS/Cockroaches !!!!!!!!

They are winged creatures, about an inch long, and the suckers can FLY!! And they look like cockroaches, and I swear to God, they are!!!!

As far as I am concerned....waterbugs are the mother of all cockroaches!!! They ARE roaches...except they can FLY!!!
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Debby it is funny you say this. I had never seen a waterbug until I moved to the country. I told my husband it was a roach. He and I got into a big fight about it. He even asked his mom to tell me what it was. We live where he grew up. Anyway I agree that they look the same!!!
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I don't know what sleep is? Can anyone define that
word? Thank goodness for this Board!
I have had no sleep lately and don't know why! You
have a reason so that is the brighter side of it
(tee-hee!). I remember our first persian
found a thing called a camel back cricket-- it looks
like a spider but it jumps! I was so scared of these
spiders and I can definitely understand why you
couldn't get to sleep. I was
worried that it may hurt her. I can't spray because of
our himmy, so I do what you do and when I find them
I call someone else to get them out of the house!

Hang in there, and I am so glad to know that I am
not the only one who is afraid of them.
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Whiskerkitty I would have gotten my hubby to kill it but he was at work. I had to do it. I just could not be in the house knowing it was there. Then to find another shortly after that I was sooooooo scared!! I am sorry to hear you are not getting sleep. I also have a hard time sleeping because I am due to have baby #4 in the end of September. I normally get more sleep than I did last night.
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I don,t really mind spiders as long as they arn,t too big!!.But I do have a phobia of Daddy Long Legs.One night a DLL was flying near me and my husband could'nt rescue me because he was working nights.I picked up a can of air freshner,it was the nearest thing I could find,I then sprayed it in the air and suddenly the DLL disapeared.I then looked down to see if it had crash landed,but no DLL.At this point,my nerves was in shreads,armed with my can I began to look for it.I felt I was acting out a character from the film Alien,going around corners very slowly,ready to use my can!In the end I never did find him,as you can imagine,I did'nt get much sleep that night.
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That story about the cactus gave me the creeps indeed!!!!! I don't really mind insects as long as they don't get into my way. I even had a pet spider once (sorry Nicole ). I hate them when they start going places they're not supposed to. I used to live in a downright miserable place full of cockroaches for a while and i had to buy new toothbrushes every once in a while as teh darn things kept walking all over it
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I keep hearing y'all talk about waterbugs looking like giant roaches that can fly! Well I have never heard of waterbugs bugs but what it sounds like y'all are describing is what we call wood roaches. They can get to be about two inches long and do indeed fly (but they are roaches!!!). What I hate about them is that you can have the cleanest house in the world and still be infiltrated with them if you live in an area with lots of trees or woods. Here in Houston there is actually a yearly contest for the biggest one of those boogers and they air the winner on the news!!!!

Sorry, didn't mean to get so graphic! I'm probably going to have that stupid nightmare again just for talking about this! I actually looked in a dream interpretation book to find the meaning behind it but it didn't have anything on roaches but it did say that if you dream about bugs then you will gain financial wealth!
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Sabra - I grew up in Austin, and we had lots of trees and lots of these bugs. There we called them tree roaches. However, when I moved up here to the Dallas area, I found they're called water bugs. But they're the same nasty bug, basically huge winged roaches. I actually killed on in my son's room this morning. Nice way to start the day.
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Sleep??? I've forgotten the meaning of the word. This past week I've been lucky if I've gotten over 2 hours of it each night. Hpefully it'll be over soon, I'm due in only 9 days!

But on to spiders, there's something crazy going on. Both me and my hubby got bit in not so nice spots while using the potty. Aparently the spider or spiders that bit us decided to take root to our toilet and didn't like the fact that we had to pee! I think I solved that problem when after it bit me, I squirted the whole thing down with half a bottle of bleach.
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Kezzer I know what you mean about the sleep thing. I don't get very much either. I wake up every half an hour to go to the bathroom.

I am sorry to hear of you spider in the toilet. Bleach isn't it wonderful!? I bet that spider will think twice before he bites again! LOL

Nine days I wish I was that close!!!! I still have 32 days! I wish you and the baby well and a safe delivery!
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Nicole...I have also had arguements with people on whether or not the waterbug is a roach.
Like I me, it is, that's all that matters!
I would rather come across one of those regular old roaches, like the german roach, than one of those waterbug/cockroaches!!! At least a regular roach can't fly into my face!!!!!!

*runs screaming from the room*
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Debby you are so funny!!!!! I agree about it flying. I hate flying bugs!!
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I live in NY, and I have had the roach and waterbug thing. omg.

Especially in one particular apartment, we had exterminators, traps, sprays,....all to no avail. Roaches would pop up and I was a mess on valium. UGH!! And there were tons of babies, and where there are babies in your home, there are THOUSANDS in the walls. : (fainting)

Fortunately, we only lived there 4 months, and never had to deal with that again!

I am now using something called Riddex, which is a thingee you plug into the wall. It is totally safe for pets. It repells pests and rodents and bugs, by sending sound pulses through your electrical wiring that pests can't stand. I don't now how well it really works, but I can tell you I just moved to a new apartment 2 months ago and I have not seen a single roach!

I have heard mention on this thread of using bug spray. Is that safe around pets?

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Val....Riddex sounds wonderful, except for one said it repels rodents, also. I have a pet rat. I am afraid that would not work.
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The instructions say that you are not supposed to have any rodents as pets when you use Riddex. No guinea pigs, hamsters, mice or rats.

I am sorry.

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Riddex works great. I've used them for ants. I bought them through QVC and they cost about $15 each. No, you cannot have one if you have any small pets like hamster, guinea pigs, mice, rats or ANY kid of rodent for pets as they do repel them.

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