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How long is a cats memory?

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If Dante spent the first year of his life with Luna (his sister) but then goes another year apart from her... do you think they will remember each other if we are able to once again bring them back together? It would break my heart if they faught and didn't get along anymore....

Has anyone done this? What happened?

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I have heard animals will always recognize a litter mate, but I dunno. I have thought the same thing. Apparently my cats brother is still on the loose (they trapped mine after he and his brother had been abandoned
) and they want to trap him. I have thought of adopting him if they do but I don't know...
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I have two girls who are littermates and they used to pal around with each other but now they act like they are just cats in the same household. They fight (only occasionally - old ladies bicker) and sometimes clean each other but they never sleep together anymore. In fact if Lily is sleeping with me and Jasmine shows up, Lily will leave. Jasmine never leaves but Lily always does. She might return later but not usually.
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I've had feral mom's disappear after weaning their young only to show up months later. They will typically fight with their children and I personally see no recognition between them, or perhaps it is simply their situation of being feral.

On the other hand, when moving to Kansas City, my brother in law took 2 of my 7 cats for 9 months while we were selling our house. When we finally got everyone back together, it was as if the 9 months didn't happen.

I think it can be hit or miss.
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My boys are littermates, and my experience is much the same as Tao's.

They still do cuddle up occasionally - but it's always Gizmo who instigates it, and sometimes Simba doesn't allow it. He seems to prefer humans to Gizmo.

They do always groom each other, tho.

We adopted them from friends, who still have a couple of their other littermates. We wanted to try to get them together, just to get them used to other cats, but it never happened.

It's the first time I've had littermates.
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Usually they have to spend the majority of their time with each other to keep the closeness. If you brought Luna back into your home, then you would have to treat it like a brand new cat with slow introductions etc.. I have littermates here that have grown up here and never been seperated, and they will get into scuffles every now and again, sometimes serious ones.
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My former roommate might be coming to stay with us for a little while which means the dynamic duo might be back together again... plus lily the troubled one. Oh what a time that could be! =P

I'm disappointed to hear that my kids might not get along after their seperation.... but I really hope they don't and doubt they will fight. Neither one of them had EVER shown agression towards each other (not even once) and both of them are now living with new cats and barely showed any agression towards them, either. The only time Dante ever hissed at Lily was when he was sick with a fever - after he got well he never did it again.

I guess we'll have to wait and see! Thanks for all of the information! You all are SO helpful!
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