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Info on Sites Selling Equip. (Nets, Tongs) to catch Ferals

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Our local shelter mentioned that there are companies selling equipment to catch ferals. I have a trap. I am referring to nets or tongs as well as gloves.
Please advise. Thank you,
Joseph Dooley
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Your best bet is to work with the animal shelter in your neighborhood. Having tongs, and using them the wrong way will result in harming the cats. There is a special way they must be used and your local animal control officer can help you there. If you have a trap and it is a hav-a-heart trap, use that, it is very effective and safer than the grabbers.

For gloves I use welder gloves. You just want to use thick heavy leather gloves with long sleeves. Check at a place that sells horse supplies, they generally have them there.
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For animal control equipment (translation cat juggling paraphernalia) there are several good vendors.
Animal Care Equipment and Services (in CA)
Campbell Pet Supply (PAWS Depot)

I will post links from work tomorrow.
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Thank you for your reply. My local shelter rescue officers I have been working with suggested the tongs or nets. I have seen the tongs used. The traps are not working for a few very smart cats. If I entice them into my garage, close the door and then somehow carefully catch and put them in a carrier for spaying.
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Have you tried a drop trap? Lisa (houseofcats) has had great success with her drop traps. Even the most wary cats can't escape this technique!
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Hey Joseph....so you are participating in a TNR group?? Congrats!!!

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There are a number of websites that sell trapping equipment. On ething I've been meaning to buy because it's so very useful is a trap/cage comb. You can use this to squish a cat to the side of a cage to give him shots (thereby allowing keeping a feral in a cage prior to veterinary work) and you can use it to separate two cats caught in the same trap. I know this can be done anyway by sticking pieces of metal through the slats to make two separate chambers, but I don't have such pieces of metal either and think the trap/cage comb would be awfully handy. The Alley Cat Allies liaison in my state puts one to great use.

Something else I find invaluable in working with ferals is 2-door cat cages, small enough to fit in my car. The 2 doors allow potentially changing kitty litter etc if the cat is not a spitter. For spitters, if I cage them (which I usually do not), I feed them on a paper plate which I fold in half and slide through the rungs and let it unfold on the other side. Water added to the bowl like watering a plant. If the cage needs cleaning, I mate the door with another cage and poke the cat into the clean cage.

However, I usually keep cats in traps until they hav ebeen to the vet as it is MUCH safer. There is NOTHING worse than losing a cat. It is easy to mate two traps and poke the cat through to a clean trap without any chance whatsoever of losing him. A lost cat may die far from where s/he knows to go for food and shelter. Putting out food will not help because s/he will be long gone.
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Thank you for the information. I will try your suggestions.
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Do you have a colony that you are taking care of?? Let us know about your trapping success..we love to read how other people are doing with their colonies.

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