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doing the official hello

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Sorry, I really should have gotten better acquainted with all the forums before posting, but better late than never, so here's my "hello"!

I'm Jim, aka arizonacatman, living in Phoenix with wife Ellen and six cats. Three are rescues (I've done some trapping and you know how if you trap your family grows), the other three are the offspring of our first rescue, and a testament to the importance of getting to the vet in a hurry. Kitty jumped out of my wife's hands one night while in heat and...well you know the story.

Our whole family is getting geared up to move to Kansas City in the next couple of months and anyone who has had to move a cat family knows what we're about to go through. I'm hoping to make some new friends in the KC area, hopefully find some suitable rental property so I can reduce my stress level a bit.

You know, tell a landlord you have six cats and watch 'em run!

Oh, I'll attach a photo of me with one of ours during a lighting test. I'm the one without much hair.

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AWWWW..thanks for rescuing those cats and good luck with your move!!

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Hi Jim!

Welcome to the board- lovely picture of you and your cat. Thanks for rescuing those in need!
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Hi Jim and welcome to TCS!! You will be in my neck of the woods, and I'm sure somebody would love to use your talents to take pictures of the ferals in this area. I can get you linked into the Feral Cat group here if you like.

And living with rescued cats?!?!? You're my kind of person!! Let me know how I can help to hook you up with folks here - I've already responded to your e-mail with some ideas.

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I'd just like to say that the rescued cats rescued me.

Well for that matter, BYK did a lot of liaison work when he used to live outside. A long story, but BYK did more to help homeless adults and kittens find homes than we ever could. He's about the most gentle soul anyone could ever hope to meet.

Thanks for the welcome everyone.

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That is just sooo sweet how this cat impacted your life. I'm amazed how many people have been touched by one feral or stray cat.

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Welcome to the site Jim! It's always heartwarming to hear about those animals who care as much about their furry brethren as we do. :angel2:
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To TCS and thank you for saving all the beautiful cats
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Thanks, Heidi.

Boy, now that I see how it's done here, I guess I have to come up with a signature photo montage!

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Welcome to TCS to you and your family Jim.

And a big thank you for rescuing your furry friends.

And good luck with the move.
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Hi Jim, Welcome!

I don't yet have a .sig montage, either -- I still feel pretty new to TCS. I loved your intro picture!

This year's Association of Holistic Veterinary Medicine conference is in KC! (Just a bit o' trivia for you)

Nice to have you joining us, it's a terrific group here, every one!
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Welcome to the site Jim, good lock with the move
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Amber's a real looker. Haven't had the opportunity to photograph a bobcat, but certainly would like to some day.

Thanks for the welcome!

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Here's an official
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Welcome to TCS, Jim and your family! Sierra and I have made a few moves, but wow, you sure will have your hands full with six! I'd love to see more pics of your babies!
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Thanks, Dawn,

Well you know I guess I have a FEW photos of the kids. I'll see if I can shrink 'em down and will post them.

First there's Kitty, the one who started it all for us.
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Kitty had one litter soon after we rescued her (long story).

This is Kitty's Blondie-Gurl
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Blondie's brother RoamyTheCat, who likes to terrorize her in the morning when she's grumpy.
Roamy's one of those "reasoning" cats, who quickly figured out how to open a door to the room where we keep all our plants. Roamy of course is part vegetarian.
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Blondie and Roamy's brother Pillow, the biggest, most whacky cat in the house. Pillow was named because his siblings used him as one (a pillow) when they were kids.
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BYK, who for the first year we knew him, lived in the backyard (thus his name). BYK was always most timid, has never really stood up for himself. A gentle sould, BYK used to bring other cats to us (who were promptly TNRd). "feral" BYK likes to have his tummy rubbed and sits on my wife's lap for hours watching TV.
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Last but not least, Traveller Buddy, who was one of three kittens I trapped at a home in Glendale. Traveller's siblings gained weight a little more quickly, thus got snipped and adopted first. In the meantime, Traveller got the thumbs up here when he became fast friends with BYK and showed him that running around the house and wrestling can be a fun life indeed.
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Hi Jim and welcome to the site. Your baby is lovely!
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They are gorgeous cats, all of them, AND your photos sure do a nice job showing them off!!!!
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Thank you Linda.

We're watching the "angels" very closely this week as we just put in new carpet on the second floor.

More scratching pads, litter pans and carpet remnants under doors and, well, we're crossing our fingers, since the house is now officially on the market.

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Your babies are gorgeous!
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thank you Dawn!
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Your cat's are gorgeous! I once had a cat named "Kiddy!" He was an orange tabby (long haired). Actually he was my grown daughters who was living with me but you know how that goes... I ended up being the one who cared for the sweetheart.
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What a cute lil kitty! I love his white paws! (just like my Mittens!)
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All of your baby's are just so beautiful .
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