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96 Cats - Adoption Progress Update

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As of 3:00pm 3/31/04, 37 cats have been adopted to new homes. 14 applications are in process. (51 out of 93 = better than 50%) Each person on the lists provided by Linda or interested parties that have called have had at least one contact attempt made and in some cases, 2 or 3 attempts. Unfortunately some of the individuals have either had phone numbers disconnected or have changed their minds concerning adopting a cat. The VBSPCA is adopting animals to individuals only at this time. Until efforts in this area are exhausted, I have been advised that they will not be seeking to re-place animals with other rescue agencies or groups. In the event this becomes an option, our shelter will be willing to accept some animals to offer another chance as well. We are currently excluded as well.

Several rumors including deadlines for euthanasia or refusal to adopt cats to specific persons are just that, rumors. There are NO plans to euthanize ANY of the cats at this time nor for the forseeable future. Virginia code prohibits adopting more than 2 cats to one person per month so some individuals may have been unable to adopt 3 or more cats. As mentioned above, persons applying on BEHALF of organizations do not currently qualify.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact the VBSPCA at 757-427-0070 or visit during their regular adoption hours. The goal is to place 100% of the cats with loving, adoptive homes. Please work with them to offer the cats the best chance of finding a new home.

I will post the information as I mentioned in a previous thread as soon as it becomes available.
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That's great!
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That is good news and no pts , at least for now .I hope and pray the rest will find good and loving homes .

Mark , thanks for keeping us up date with this info
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Hi Mark and All,

Mark, thanks a lot for keeping us current on this situation. Although neither I nor my organization are in a position to offer to adopt, we are all hopeful that these cats will all find their perfect homes, and we'll spread the word to friends in the local area (we have some adopters who have moved South since adopting, and they of course have neighbors and friends there).
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I also hope the remaining 42 cats get adopted.

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wow, thats great.
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Well Folks, here she is, the little kitty that started this whole mess, JOSEPHINE!
She's the cat the the person who filed the complaint returned.
She's not a "true blue", but there's more than enough Russian Blue in her to justify her timid behavior.
This poor creature is only 8mos old and spend 1/4 of that in a cage at Virginia Beach Animal Control, we got her out of the cage and now we just have to get her out of her shell.
Who can blame her?
She was examined two hours after leaving SPCA, no fleas, earmites, all tests NEGATIVE, signed up for the "wellness plan" at Bainfield Pet Hospital (God, how they must love ME! I spend more on Medical care with them for my cats than my health insurance costs me!), implanted with a micro-chip, treated to a new collar with a customized nametag and got her City animal license on Monday.
Her appetite<sp> is improving, she's eating dry and wet food.
We have her in a VERY LARGE Kennal cage for isolation but there's more than enough room with the additonal shelf I built and carpeted this weekend. Even got to use my new workmate and rip-saw!
She'll only be in that for a few more days until the other cats get more accostomed to her.
She's got a little kitty pup-tent, her very own litter box (that she doesn't lay in like she was when I met her at animal control, she was scared to death) her own scratching post that I have yet to see her use, but she'll figure it out.
Our first cat, Misty whom we also got from VBSPCA in 1999 is taking to laying next to her cage, to keep her company or to "mother" her.
My Wife is fawning over her and we think, in about maybe 8 months or so, this whole episode will be something that never crosses her mind again. She hasn't had a "normal" childhood or kittnhood, if you will, and has landed right where she needed to be.

It's been a tough fight, it certainly didn't end the way I wished it would have to be certain. End result, Josephine is our cat. If Linda could have every cat back, she'd pass on this one and is happy I took it. I understand her feelings.
What did it cost me? A LOT of time, energy, emotion and worry.
I was pretty sure from the start that there was a better than "good" chance Linda Johnson would be convicted of something, but I think what shocked everyone was Linda's determination to fight back.
That usually doesn't happen in these cases.
I mean let's face it, 96 cats is a lot of cats to have in one place even if you are trying to adopt the majority of them into good homes.
My personal opinion is that Linda's big heart muted her ability to say "no", people who knew that took advantage of it and all it took was one complaint to bring it all down.
If we back up a step or two, those who are the root cause of the problem are those who don't spay or neuter their pets. They breed more and more and it overwhelmes the ability and resources of even those who are paid to deal with it. One person out of 100 actually tries to do something about the problem and this time, the ratio was just about right and Linda Johnson was the one peson.
Had this been one of those sad cases where animals required immediate euthaniasa or were found dead, deathly sick or dying, I'd have taken a different position.

It's Meow or Never that sums it up perfectly and get's it exactly right, "Don't breed or buy while homeles pets continue to die". Sure, I'd have loved for Zoey or Sari to have a litter of kittens, but while I'd have loved having kittnes, I may well have been doing a dis-service to the kittens themselves. Had they ended up at Animal Control or on the street, it'd have been my fault. And for what? So more cats that need a home could be delt with?
I'm not that selfish.

I'm certain that I made some lifelong enemies in this fight, but they are enemies only if they choose to remain as such.
My door is always open and my phone is never "off".
If those who are ticked off at me for whatever reason, and I'm sure that there are many, are honest with themselves, they might find that we have more in common than that which divides us.
I'm willing to put my pride and my personal feelings aside, let it go and move forward, are you?

A few rumors are also making their way around town that I have 14 cats in my home.
I'm a cat owner, not a cat Rancher.

No, I hate to disappoint anyone, but I don't have 14 cats, unless you have a cattery license in Virginia Beach I think you're only allowed 5(?).
I do not have a cattery license and I am in compliance with all applicable State and City codes.
But a rumor get's halfway around the world before the truth ever get's it's boots on....
Call the City Treasurers Office or my Vet's Office and they'll tell you how many I have.

All of this for a $36.00 adoption fee, pretty reasonable by comparison.
But a healthy Russian Blue is worth a lot more than $36.00!
I feel like I robbed them!
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Wow, Unc, she's just beautiful!
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Fester , Josephine is just beautiful
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Look at that face! LOL What a wildcat!
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That IS a Pretty Cat!
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I'm thrilled that there have been some happy endings in this case, which has been quite instructive. Jimmy and Mark, you've been at odds on some issues, but as you both have the animals' best interests at heart, I hope you can work together in the future to ensure better lives for many ill-fated pets.
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And very blessed to have found a great forever home with you.
I have 2 cats with Russian Blue heritage.
Their names are Tati and KeeKee. They look a lot like your Josephine.
Thank you for sharing her with us.
Love and Life,
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Josephine is a pretty girl. I'm glad you were able to bring her into your life. I am sure she will reward you with many purrs and head bonks
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