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Hi gang

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Hi gang - nice to be back again - so what have I missed? have been working anything upto 70 hours a week for the last few months and therefore, have not been on hardly at all. I thought I would give you a brief inkling about what happened last weekend to carol and I and it may make you smile - just as a starter.
Saturday morning we drove 200 or so miles to a hotel called "Celtic Manor" in Newport in Wales - check out their web site!!! Anyway, it was a work function and awards weekend where I was to receive my award for a system I created for the company.
The hotel is 5 ***** and stunning and we had an incredible room, looking over the golf course with balcony. Time to get dressed and go down for the champagne reception, my wife looked incredible and I was there in dinner jacket and dickie bow looking a 100 per cent idiot. Please bear in mind i am a yorkshireman - jeans, t shirts and flat caps - not dinner jackets. Carol took some photos and I guess I did look good even if I say it myself looking out accross the greens.
Anyway, the presentations went on, the evening went well, long speaches from the md etc and finally, the live band. This was pure racket and not my scene at all so at 23.30 we left as the room seemed to thud with the base echoing away in our heads.
So we went upstairs into the reception where it was quiet and took in the cool air and the surroundings. There was a sound of a piano playing and a man singing in the bar area which was stunning and there were lots of people sat talking and having a drink. I was holding my wife's hand and I kissed her head as we held each other close and for the first time, I realised we were slowly dancing and we continued doing so in the warmth of the hotel and the pianists voice and playing.
When the gent stopped singing, we were still gently swaying (still in the reception/bar area and Carol looked up at me. .. and she was crying and just said to me that I will never know how much she loves me.
My heart melted and the whole weekend was incredible. Forget the award I got, forget the champagne, it was a weekend with my wife in a five star hotel and with someone I adore. It was also our 8th wedding anniversary on that same day and I could not have enjoyed it any more had I tried. Are men supposed to be this way and feel for someone you really love? maybe its me cracking up.
Well thats the first of a lot of stuff that happened - no, you will not see the photos of me in a DJ so dont ask! well you may if someone could post one for me later. Just dont laugh!
Hope I have not missed too much - I missed you all though - still on drugs etc and working long hours but I now finally have some time to myself.
Nice to be back.
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That is wonderful Kev!

I can post the photo for you,
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Kev . . it IS lovely to hear from you again. The Celtic Manor is lovely . . . I did a work event there once and was very impressed with the facilities.

I'm so happy that you've managed to hang on through the horrible stuff that's been thrown at you over the last few months and that you're back 'in the fold'.

Having a bad evening myself; I was very, very touched by what you said about Carol. I am delighted that there are kind, loving, tender and sensitive men out there such as yourself, not just those who purport to be that when it suits them. Oh how I hate empty words and gestures.
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Oh Kev! How you've been missed!

Your getaway sounds so very romantic! Your description of the evening brought warm fuzzies & a tear in my eye. Sounds so perfect!

Glad to see that you've stopped in to say hi & hope to see you around here more often!
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Are men supposed to be this way and feel for someone you really love? maybe its me cracking up.
No Kev, you're not cracking up. When you're with someone you love, there are times when the whole world will disappear. Ain't it wonderful.


PS..I'm thrilled you had that moment and also thrilled you are willing to admit it. Not alot of men would
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Hey Kev, glad to see you back!!!
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Kev,you just brought tears to my eyes . you and your wife seem to have a very powerful love for each other,sometimes it is hard to find, lucky you and Carol.
Glad your weekend was a great one. Now don't go and be stranger anymore!!
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May your 40th anniversary be just as romantic.
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Doesn't he look dapper????

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The Celtic Manor is not far from me, it's fab there! Cool photo's!! I'm glad you had such a great time.
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Very dapper! Wow - that sounds like it was a very romantic anniversary weekend, and the hotel must be a dream! Glad you're back. How's the new addition to the family settling in?
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Originally posted by jcat
Very dapper! How's the new addition to the family settling in?
Better word is damper if you ask me as I look a right !"£$^£&%^ - a yorkshireman in a dinner jacket is like - well we are not right in these things... you choose the comparrison.

As far as Thomas is concerned, well I am pleased to say that he now owns me and the rest of us completely. Have woken a few times with a new head of hair to find him asleep on me in bed. Hes solar powered, daft as brush, malts like its the only thing in life to do. I am gonna give up vaccing the carpet - would be cheaper to let him malt solidly and then have a new rug instead. Hes been a breath of fresh air - just cant stop Brandy urinating in the hall for no reason the vet can find. Getting tired of clearing up after him these days and its getting frustrating.
Thomas though is Thomas - daft, soft, very soft, really really soft with enough fur to carpet a small country.
Kev - damp - not dapper! (whats dapper?)
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Hi Kev,

It's great to see you around again. You do look very dapper in your dress clothes, and that hotel looks lovely.

You and your wife are both lucky. Not many people share the kind of love that you two do. Congratulations on your awards and your anniversary.
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Hi Kev! It's good to see you, we miss you round here like crazy. Glad the kitties are well. How's Christopher as well? Thanks Kellye for posting those pics of Kev. They are lovely. Your weekend away sounds splendid, glad you enjoyed it and congrats!! Hugs.
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Aren't you the handsome one in your evening wear? It sounds like a lovely weekend. Glad to hear you are doing well and have not forgotten about us. We've missed you!
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Awwwwwwwww how romantic that was!!.

Theres nothing like a man in a 'dickie bow' and a woman in an evening dress.

You looked very smart!
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That's just too sweet! To be romantic in that way truly shows how much you both care for each other. I mean, where do you see couples nowadays sharing their time together and not ending up in an argument? I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves. With the rest of your time off.... make it last!
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Kev - I wouldn't say dapper, but definately studly - lucky Carol! Where was Christopher that weekend? I am so glad you had a wonderful time with the love of your life - you deserve it!
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Originally posted by adymarie
Kev - I wouldn't say dapper, but definately studly - lucky Carol! Where was Christopher that weekend? I am so glad you had a wonderful time with the love of your life - you deserve it!
Evening to you. Wil someone please please please tell me what the heck dapper is? Now I am told the word studly has come into this - what in the world is studley. Come to think of it I need a US- Yorkshire phrase and langauge book! That way I can get translations.

Christopher stayed at home as my father in law and his long time partner came over and had a glorious 28 hours with him. Seems they all played until they dropped and then played some more!
He enjoyed it though! Could not take CJ with us as it was a work function, however, I would not have any problem taking him there anytime. Hes used to restaraunts etc and behaves like an angel!

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dapper: neat and precise, especially in dress.
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Phew, glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what dapper and studly mean

Great to see you back here Kev! Sounds like you had a great time - thank you for sharing that special moment with us!
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a stud is a guy who is one hot looking man!
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