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Oh My Goodness

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One of the cat sites has decided to honor my Dunkin and make her the Hero of September on their website! They will feature the story about her almost being drowned, and show photos of her as well. This is a cat of tremendous courage, and I am stoked that they will recognize her as such!
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Wow Hissy thats great!!! Be sure to let us know the site url and when it is all on there. Congratulations to both you and Dunkin!

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I get so excited reading stories like this!
Dunkin hero of the month!! I am so happy for you!!
I think Dunkin was a hero already in your eyes.

Nomar's mommy
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Hey, congratulations

Minnosh's web page was also selected for the Featured Cats section of a web site & I was also very much excited about it ( unlike Dunkin Minnosh doesn't have a that much special story & I'm sure they make every cat appear as Featured Cat in this site, but whatever )

Don't forget to send us the site address...

Dunkin, the number one cat
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This is very exciting - Dunkin earned the title of Hero of September!
I am glad for you and cannot wait to see the link!
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Dunkin has such a wonderful, touching story. I'm glad she's going to be recognized, as well as you and Mike for saving her.
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How exciting!! Her story is a great one. What an honor for Dunkin and for you!! Can't wait to see it!!
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Yay Dunkin!!!!!

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Hissy!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to both you and Dunkin! I have told the story of her, and how she got her name to all my friends! Is there any way you could copy the article they write here for us to read, or else give us the website?

We Dunkin!
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