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My heart goes out to you.
I do hope Mother Cat turns up soon.
I had a similar predicament with Mrs. Black my matriarch cat.
She always disappears for a week or so when she has her kittens.
But she always reappeared eventually.
I was finally able to catch her and she has her babies(her last litter ) are doing well in their forever home. She will be spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned. And the kittens are already ok'd to be sterilized too when the time comes. I am doing the happy dance for me and for them.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Please keep on "pestering" us.( Its a joke, You are not a pest at all!)
I am here for you too. I know how you feel and it helps so much to talk to those who have been where you are.
Love and Life,
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Well, I guess that's it. No MotherCat. No kits. The rest of the family is ok, I see them just about every day. But no Mom. I guess that she got really scared off when I was trapping, and figured that she would move on with her babies. I miss Mom. I so much wanted the entire family together, but I guess it was not to be. The neighbor next door had her skirting on her trailer tampered with and pulled open. I didn't see who did it, but I was hoping that she didn't think that I did it trying to find Mom. Now she's put two heavy plant pots filled with plants up against the skirting and if Mom was in there, she's not getting out, but I am sure she is not in there. Anyway, sorry to grouch.
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I was the same way. We noticed a feral pregnant cat in our backyard. We ended up trapping her because I was afraid she would have her kittens and I wouldn't be able to get to them. She just had four beautful kittens Friday nite and they are all doing great. Everyone told me to have the kittens aborted but I just couldn't do that. Maybe I just can't understand since I don't know how bad the cat population is. I've been doing much research on this. Anyway! The plan is to get mom and kittens all fixed and find homes for everyone. We found someone who wants mom cat and we might have homes for all the babies already. (keeping fingers crossed). But I will not let them go to there new homes until they are fixed or that defetes my whole purpose in trapping mom cat in the first place. Good luck.
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Aw, KittenKiya, I'm so sorry to hear this!!!! It's been quite a while now, and I know that sinking feeling that you'll never see her again. I'm so sorry. I'm sending up some prayers for you that she and her kittens are OK. You never know - they may turn up some time this summer! If there's food, there's a reason to come, anyway. You tried so hard and have done such great work in your area. Try your best not to let this get you down!!!

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