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I knew this was going to happen. MotherCat showed up this morning looking like she had swallowed a basketball. What am I going to do? If I trap her now, I kill all her kits. If I wait, I have her plus the kits to deal with. Damn I have a headache.
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You trap, and you spay . You cry a million tears, but in your heart you know you are doing the right thing. For every backyard kitten born, another cat/kitten waits in a cage for someone to love them. It hurts, it sucks, it is the reality of rescue. And it shows that you care.
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Hissy's right! TNR her and the kittens will have to be aborted. We've gone through this numerous times and it's not easy, but the best decision. Good Luck!
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I have had to do this as well. It is such a very sad situation, but it really is the best to have her spayed despite her being pregnant.

My heart goes out to you for having to face this decision.
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I called and talked to my vet. She is willing to support me if I decide to have MotherCat fixed now. I just can't do this. I can't kill those kits. I am going to wait and give MotherCat the peace and quiet she needs and the support of her family, let her have the kits and whoever survives and makes it over to my house will be dealt with then. I am sorry if I have let people down, I just can't kill those babies.
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Originally posted by KittenKiya
I called and talked to my vet. She is willing to support me if I decide to have MotherCat fixed now. I just can't do this. I can't kill those kits. I am going to wait and give MotherCat the peace and quiet she needs and the support of her family, let her have the kits and whoever survives and makes it over to my house will be dealt with then. I am sorry if I have let people down, I just can't kill those babies.
You haven't let anyone down. As long as you're prepared to care for these kittens, spay, feed, etc. and possibly taming and finding homes, then this decision is fine.
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I agree, you have let no one down. It is not an easy decision to make, and once made, sometimes not an easy one to live with.

I do it now simply because during kitten season to many cats are dumped here and if I kept every litter I would have to move out of my home.

If you raise the kittens responsibly, keep mom inside until after the kittens are born and AFTER she is spayed, insist that those who take a kitten pay for spaying and neutering them- no one will fault you.
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If you do tame the kittens and find homes, please have them spay/neutered before they leave your care! We made the mistake of believing the people when they said they would do this, and never did. And YES, make them pay for this cost. If they don't want to pay for that, then they probably won't care for it properly anyway! Again Good Luck!
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I agree with the others....we are not at all disappointed in your decision. Good luck with momma cat and in finding good homes for the babies once they are weaned and neutered.
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It's a REALLY difficult decision, one that many people spend quite a bit of time wrestling with! You have no need to feel bad at all for your decision! It's a strange thing, to be so dedicated to these animals and yet decide to spay pregnant moms. Many people don't take this route, and I agree with all of the others. As long as you're prepared to deal with the kittens, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a "pro-life" decision!!!!!!!!!!!! It's also just so difficult for many to chose that option because there are sooooo many cats in need. There's no right or wrong here, and the only advice that is "right" is to follow your heart.

How is she?
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MotherCat looks like she swallowed a basketball. I have never seen her look so big. I am so afraid that the lady across the street, who chased the cats out from under her trailer last year, she has opened the part of the skirting that they used as a door and of course, MotherCat flew right in. I am so afraid that she is going to shut her up. I have a couple of neighbors listening for me so that if they hear kittens or meowing, to let me know right away. She acts frightened and upset. Her family smells different now and she is unsure of who is who. She knows her food and water is here, but is skittish around everyone including me. I hope I get these kits. By the way, someone tossed out a beautiful greyish long-haired tiger cat and guess where it landed?
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Do you have a place or way to provide some type of shelter for her? Maybe she would have her kittens there close to you and food if you do.
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Kittenkiya...I agree with everyone else...please make sure to spay/neuter the kittens before they go into new homes.

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I have the food and water under my back porch. I have "weatherproofed" it as much as possible with cardboard up against the sides leaving just three areas to go in and out. I put cardboard on the ground and an old blanket down there too. I was hoping that MotherCat would have her babies there last year, but she evidently needs the complete darkness that she gets under the trailers. I do not want MotherCat under my trailer, else I would have opened it up. I feel so frustrated that I caught all those ferals and had them fixed and here I am right back where I started from and my familiy growing, which is what I tried to prevent. I am just really having a bad day. Sorry for being such a grouch. Damn I am mad.
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KittenKiya..I know you are frustrated....but just think for a moment how many litters of kittens you have prevented by spaying and neutering the feral cats you have. You can fix 100% of your ferals..but if someone careless dumps a pregnant female in your area..then you are at it again. But you must remember what a great thing you did for the ones that are fixed.

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Well, I guess that Nature has taken the problem out of my hands for the present. I have not seen MotherCat for two days now and I am sure that she has had her babies somewhere. I will have to just wait and see what happens now. The other family members are all quieted down now and DaddyCat continues to watch over his last kit, Princess who is growing bigger by the day. What a sweet personality she has. I'm not sure DaddyCat realizes that he has been fixed. Anyway, my family is quiet now and hopefully the new kits will be OK and make their way to my house (where else) in due time. Thank you all for your help, consideration, thoughts and advice.
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I wish your colony well....and I do hope MotherCat does come back...at least so that you can fix her at some point. I really appreciate all you do for your colony!!!

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I agree with Katie....you do a wonderful job with your colony. Bravo!
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KittenKiya, we ALL know how frustrating this can be!!!!! We're here for venting just as much as we are for advice & support, LOL! Just remember - the only reason you get so upset is because you care so much. (((((Hugs)))))

Hope mommy and kitties are doing well..... and I'm sure they'll show up in at most a few weeks once they begin eating food.

BTW - I'm glad to hear you have some supporters helping you watch out for the kitties despite your other neighbor. I'm also glad to hear DaddyCat is strutting his stuff - er - strutting, anyway.
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This is heartbreaking.
I have dealt with this kind of thing for many many years now.
It has been the worst for the past 6 years since I moved to where I am living now.
My thought and prayers are with you and all the kitties under your watch.
Love and Life,
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Thank you all for your kind thoughts. My neighbor came over the other day and said that Patches caught a bird. She saw him taking away from where he caught it towards the place that we think MotherCat is. She has not been out for about four days now and I will bet anything that they are bringing food to her. My family is just the most wonderful bunch of cats. They have certainly humbled me in the way they show such caring for their own. I do not regret the time and money and tears that have been spent, when those beautiful eyes looke up at you and squint, it makes it all worth while.
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KittenKiya....I do hope that she eventually reappears so that you can trap and fix her. That way...the breeding cycle will be over for her.

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KittenKiya I have been following your thread and wish you all the luck in the world. Please let us know how mother and babes go on.
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I am going out of my mind. I have not seen MotherCat for a week and half. I know that Patches brought her a bird to eat, but I have not seen her at the food or water. I am leaving food and water out all night now, praying that the dogs stay away. I am so afraid that I am never going to see MotherCat again, and I don't if she is having a probem and she is my family's Matriarch. What can I do, beside bother you guys?
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I wish there was a way to make her re-appear. I can only advise patience. If she has gone off to have babies, she may not reappear until they are weaned and able to care for themselves while she visits.

Come home momma cat!!!!!
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This is a tough one. I had to have my mommacat aborted after I trapped her. I don't know how far along her pregnancy was, but she was so depleted and malnourished it was really necessary. I still HATED to do it.

Can you trap your momma and bring her inside to have her kittens? If she is anything like my momma, you won't see the kittens until they are 8 weeks or so old, and then you will have the job of trapping and taming them all!

At least if they are born in your house, they will all be tame and so much easier to adopt out.

Being aborted is not the worst thing, unfortunately. The world is a cruel place for little kittens being born outside.
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Just keep putting food and water out. Is it in the same place where she was eating it when she was visiting? I agree with Renae - she's probably had the kittens, and you may not see her until they're weaned. She will teach them the ropes - and that will include bringing them to the food you provided for her. Unfortunately, if you go looking for her, you may end up just making her move the nest.

In the meantime, just keep bothering us. It'll be about 3 weeks before they're weaned, and you're half-way through that. You may not see them until week 4 or so. Just keep sending out the vibe. We'll join you!

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We let the kittens that turned up in our yard stay with mom for 12 weeks because we weren't sure we'd be able to find them homes - so we wanted them to learn all they could about surviving out there. When mom first took them on an excursion and they all disappeared for a few days we went completely nuts! Of course they came back, and after that we figured out what was going on. But I just wanted to share, because anyone who has rescued and cared for a feral colony know just what you're feeling right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry! One last note, LOL! Four of those five are living inside with us now. The fifth is king of the farm that belongs to one of our vet's technicians.
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Such an impossible situation because you have no idea what has happened. Have you put any ads in your local shops, vet etc? I would keep on putting the water and food out. Perhaps she has had kittens, if so you may not see her for a while yet, but she might be coming out at night to feed. Will pray for her Kittenkiya. Everyone here must feel so helpless too because we can't help find her for you, but at least we are here for you.
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