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Wondering about something

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Yesterday I found out my sister in law was busted with marijuana and I was wondering if anyone knew what sentence she would most likely get - misdemeanor possession of < 1/2 ounce and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor failure to appear in court. Is she more likely to get probation than jail time? She is only 19. This is in NC.
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Kellye, unless she has previous offences, it is very unlikely that she will receive a jail sentence. Good luck there.
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I doubt she will get jail time, especially if it her first offense. She will likely get probation, a fine, maybe a drug class, and possibly community service hours. That is the way they do it in several counties that I know of here in NC. If she doesn't get in more trouble, it may even go off her record when she completes her sentence. The jails here are overcrowded, and they are not looking to lock up little girls for a little weed. I have a classmate that is the wife of a police officer in New Brunswick county, and we have discussed this issue several times about young students. I hope it goes well for her.
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Okay thanks guys, that helps a lot!
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The laws vary per state. Some are tougher then others. Normally a first offense misdemeanor doesn't have a harsh sentence at all. A fine, probation and some community service. The only thing that might complicate things is the failure to appear in court. They really frown upon that. One thing that might help her is if she tells them she has a dependence problem and asks to go to rehab. And then never get's charged with this type of thing again! But even that may be something more for a second time around.

I hope everything comes out well for her.
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