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Turkey Bacon

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While looking for healthy things to spice up my diet, I tried some Turkey bacon. I gave a couple little pieces to the little ones, now.....OMG I think they would kill a small child to get to it, betty bar the door when I get the package out. So now, once a week, we cook some up and share it. They go aboslutly nuts over it, anyone else ever try it?
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I haven't heard of it but we have chicken bacon over here and boy I'd kill for some right now!
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Ooooooh i get that bacon as well,because it's so low in fat.

Never shared any with Rosie yet though
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I have been using turkey bacon since 2002. As long as its cooked until crisp, I think its great!
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I love Turkey bacon! Been using it for many years. I've had beef bacon too but it's not as good.
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I never liked turkey bacon much, I like my bacon soft, not crispy so it just doesn't taste right that way. Oh well, we don't eat much bacon anyways... I would love to try that chicken bacon, or even beef!
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