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a feral is gone

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Not too rain on anyones parade, but I need to vent. About two weeks ago a solid black kitten started hanging around outside. DEFINTELY a people lover, followed me around the yard, greeted me outside, I believe it to be someones little kitty, had a beautiful; solid black shiny coat, and just a sweet heart, about 6 months old at the most.
Yesterday, my neighbors, on the Nroth side,, adivsed that had also been leaving food out, found her dead, more than likely poisoned, most probably by neighbors on the south side. We go into his yard all the time and find cats traps that we destroy. Cant prove it, but the neighbored hood is certain.
This just broke my heart, my two little fur babies do not go outside, and tonight they are being made thier favorite treat, turky bacon, just to let them know how loved they are.
Sometimes the world is just not fair, I hope when his time comes, he will have to answer for his transgressions.!
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i'm sorry about the kitten... some people are just so awful!
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Poor baby! How can people be so cruel!
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So sorry about the little black kitten. It seems somehow worse when they are so trusting and friendly.
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RIP little Kitten I cannot believe how cruel people can be sometimes.
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The kitten is playing at the Bridge now.... Poor little thing!

And yes, I am quite sure that your neighbor will pay quite a toll for his transgressions, both in this life and after it.
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