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bladder infection?

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the other day i found bloody pee on the carpet, and started to bring ALL of the animals up to the vet (5 dogs 2 cats) cats first. well luckily the culprit was found on the first round...unfortunatly it was my poor sweet baby pixie. *sniff* the last one i'd have thought would be sick. well, by the time i got to the vet to pick the cats up the vet was gone so i got no explaination, just some clavamox and a note that said 'blood, protien, and WBC(white blood cells i'm assuming) in urine' is this serious? i'm sure he'd had left better instructions if it was...but i'm worried about her. what's the best way to make her comfortable? should i clean out the litter box extra times? do something with her food? what could have caused it? i'll probably drill the vet for more info first chance i get but i just wanted more information from other people with more experience (he doesn't always take me seriously since my mum works for him and she's gone for the week, and if any of my pets are ill i have 20min worth of questions.)
it kinda hurts when she flinches from me (treat in hand) after giving her some meddies...oh well, it's for her own good!
but thanks for any info ^^
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Your poor kitty isn't feeling well, but you shouldn't panic over it. Cats are real good at picking up on their people's worries. So, if you are all upset about the medicine or about her being sick, she is going to be more frightened.

So...treat her just like usual, but give her a special treat after you give her the medicine. That way she is rewarded for enduring something unpleasant.

Do keep the litter boxes clean. Also, pay attention to her water intake. One of my cats kept getting UTIs because she didn't like to drink water out of a bowl. But, now that I got a drinkwell fountain, she enjoys drinking and has not had another UTI!
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Clavamox is an antibiotic, so I guess she must have a bladder infection. Make sure she drinks water.

And cats are like us, they din't like medications... When medication taking will be over, she she will look at you normally, don't worry...

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