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Hissy, you have so many beautiful cats! I love seeing the trips
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So many lovely kitties, Hissy! But I especially love that pile of Trips -- they are a hoot.
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Squirrel looks a lot like my Sam, especially the "expression" on his face. But I am just in awe of Cyclone. What a handsome handsome boy!

How is he settling in? Does he stick around the place pretty regularly now?
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He has a place under the house where he sleeps. During really cold weather, he comes up on the heated cat bed on the back porch. He eats early in the morning or late at night. He will let me pet him, but he runs from Mike. He only challenges Kahuna as far as the cats go, all the other cats he accepts. He is handsome, I am glad he stuck around.
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Wow NOddy and Wink look huge! Blink doesn't look as big as the other two?
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Tazzygirl reminds me of Punky (those round green eyes) and Kahuna and Kabota look like a cross between my missing cat, Mysty, and Cindy/Lucy. Also, by looking at Cleo, I know what Cindy/Lucy's brother, Max, would look like as an adult cat. Lots of Cindy in Cleo, but with the white fur like Max has. Real cuties, all of them! I could use an orange cat around the house!

Thanks for posting!
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Tammie, I think Wink is the runt of the three.

She has started withdrawing more and more from her sisters. I am taking her to the vet next week- I think she has a yeast infection in her ears.
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OH MY I love Kahuna so much! They are all gorgeous though. Loved seeing updated pics. Thanks Mary Anne.
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