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My Kangaroo!

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I was going through some pictures of Cupid and when I got to this one I thought "Wow, he looks just like a kangaroo!" Now everytime I look at it I laugh! He really does! I don't know how I didn't see it when I took it.

I had to share!

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: Cupid What a cutie he is
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He is soooo adorable! I have to admit, I never liked the look of sphynx's, devon rex's, and other cats like that. But the more I see pictures of ones living in their homes or at cat shows being playful I am falling in love with them more and more. Cupid is such a beautiful little boy, I love looking at pictures of him! Thanks for sharing!
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that he does....what a sweety:flash:
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Cupid is just as adorable as ever, and he looks like he's really getting big too. How old is he now?
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Cupid .
He sure has grown a lot since the last baby pics I have seen of him . You really need to post more pics of him , so we all can take a part of his growing stages If that is not a hind I don't know what is lol
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What a cutie Cupid is!!
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oooo.. cupid is growing big....cutie cupid...
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Aaaawww! He really does look like a sweet little kangaroo! What a darling look on his little face!
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Awwww Cupid has such a sweet kissable face.
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Oh what a sweety and he sure has grown!
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Here I am, the Aussie, all ready to see a lovely

and I did!

My Merican friends are breeding mini roos!
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Awwww! Now THAT'S a kangaroo! I still think Cupid looks like one in that pic. The way his big back feet are, and front feet are bent...and his little butt sticking out.

He's 6 months old now. He looks bigger in the pics. He mostly just has a big ol belly.
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He's puurrrrrrrrfect!
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Wow Cupid is getting so big. Glad to see he is well and settled in!
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Awwww cute
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One cupid pic is not enough. LOL he's so gorgeous and definitly looks like a little joey there! Too adorable.
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.and his colors have gotten much more intense.
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