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I'm Home

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I don't know if anyone noticed but I wasn't on very much last week as my monitor on my new computer blew a week ago this past Friday. I took it back to Gateway (it was there about a month before for the same problem but I was able to use my friend's big monitor) and when I told them what was wrong, they just said that a new monitor would be ordered and that I should get it in about a week. I said fine because when I ordered my computer it was here in 3 days. I decided that I would use my old monitor (very tiny) for a while and it drove me nuts. Everything had to be moved around as I really didn't want to shrink anything and besides it would give me a headache. Anyway, the new monitor got here today so I happy to announce that I'm back.

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Sure am glad you finally got those computer issues all fixed! They really can be aggravating
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Welcome back Frannie! I bet you had some Cat Site withdrawl! I keep having trouble with my cable modem going out for a day or two at a time, and it just drives me nuts. I feel for you!
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Welcome back! I hope this one works fine. Computer problems can be so frustrating !
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Welcome back. Hope all goes well with this one.
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Hi Frannie!

Glad to see you back. Got a question for you. I bought benzoil peroxoide for Casey's kitty acne at the advice of my vet. It's 10% b.p. How often should I use it. He's only got a little left on his chin.

Call me at work tonight.


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