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In memory of Dakota

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Rene has asked me to post two pictures in memory of Dakota so that everyone will know what a beautiful cat he was. Here's the first one.
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Here is the other picture.
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Oh my what a beautiful kitty he was. Just adorable!!
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Thank you Donna for posting those beautiful pics. Dakota was a beautiful cat, and I know he's truely missed.
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I haven't been on most of the weekend (read my post) but I knew about Dakota. I have been so upset on his passing that it's still very hard but I do want everyone to know that Dakota was an inspiration along with his brother Milo. Rene's daughter was so heart broken that she took Sugar into her room to grieve and when Rene told me that, I decided that Sugar was to be Allie's new baby (Sugar looks just like Dakota). I will eventually get another Sugar but Allie means a lot to me and I don't want her to be without. A candle is lit in my window in Dakota's memory.

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Thank you for posting Dakota's pics.
He was a beautiful cat!!!

Rene: I am looking forward to hear about Dakota's Fund. I would like to contribute.

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Dakota certainly was a beautiful cat.
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Oh Dakota!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful cat, and what beautiful eyes he had.

My thoughts are still with Rene and Clint and Allie, how are they doing?
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I really am sad. I know we hear often about members cats crossing the bridge, and it is always sad.....but for some reason, this one is bothering me most of all.
Maybe because I can feel the pain your family is feeling, or maybe because he died on the 1st anniversary of my fathers death...I don't know....but I feel this one deeper than usual. I am SO sorry, and I pray that your pain will get better, soon. Just know that Dakota is in heaven....I KNOW he is!!!
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This is Rene's daughter, Ally. Dakota was my baby, and I wanted to tell you all a little bit about him. I had him since he was just able to open those beautiful, odd-eyes that were so enchanting. I bottle fed him along with my parents, and he became my cat- or I guess I was his human. He and Vogue, his girlfriend-kitty who actually fell on the same strip of road a year ago, were the only kitties allowed in my room. When Vogue died, it was just me and Dak. He was always a loner, the Alpha cat, but in my room he acted like a kitten, curling up by my face and waking me up with nuzzles. We had the type of relationship that only us true cat people can understand, but I know I don't need to explain it. One of my favorite memories of Dak was when I was floating around in my pool one afternoon on a raft, and Dak jumped up onto the side of the pool. He fearlessly climbed onto my belly and curled up, and we floated in the water for about an hour. And the next morning my Mom watched him jump into the pool all alone, swim around a little, climb out, fix his fur, and fall asleep in the sun to dry. I wish I could have kept him safe inside with me, but Dakota wasn't that kind of cat. He was a wandering spirit, like I am; I think that's one of the reasons we got along so well. And I know that hes out there now, wandering around with Vogue in a place where there are no coyotes or cars, waiting for me. I'm glad he had his freedom. Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for all their messages and caring. I had never been to this site before, and seeing all that got posted for Dakota brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all so very, very much. And if you should lose a cat too, don't worry. Dak will keep an eye on them.
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God bless the little soul! He was amazingly beautiful! My thoughts are with all of you!
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I can onlyy echo what has been said, and even it doesn't feel like nearly enough.

Rene, your daughters post brought tears to my eyes, she obviously had a special bond with Dakota, and she must be hurting terribly, as you all are.

With all the lost furbabies we've had lately, maybe all our feline friends are waiting at the bridge sharing stories about US, as we are of THEM...thats a thought I'd like to hang onto.
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Dakota was such a beautifull cat. The tribute to him by your daughter was so heart wrenching. They had a true bond. Thankyou so much for sharing your picture and your thoughts in this very difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
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This loss seems too hard for us - maybe there has been too many in the last year - babies who were too sick to save and now our beautiful Dakota. We are having a hard time dealing -I am glad Allison posted as it does help to be able to share your sorrow and your stories with people who understand.
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That was beautiful and it made me cry. I know how special Dakota was to you. Dakota was a beautiful cat and he will always live on in your heart.

I love you little sis!
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I am sorry about Dakota. He was a very butiful cat.
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I am truely sorry for your loss! He was georgous and did truely have enchanting eyes!
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So sorry about Dakota. I love that name I almost named my daughter Dakota.
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