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UTI strikes again?

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I just moved to a new apartment, and my cat Jack is acting like he has another UTI. This would only be his second, but it would be within 6 months. He is a male tabby cat, about 5 1/2 years old. He is still eating, and drinking water, but he is straining to urinate & only urinates a little at a time.

The last time I took him to the vet, he prescribed him Clavamox and a pink syrup for vomiting. I can get the Clavamox, but I don't remember what the syrup is called.

The last time I took him in for a UTI, the vet took close to $600 from me. What should I do?
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$600.00? Was he so ill that he was hospitilized, catherized? UTI's are nothing to ignore, but that sounds rather steep to me. Where you are located you have other vets, I would consider finding another clinic that might have lower prices and offer excellent services.
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$600.00 does sound steep unless he was catherized and at the vets for a few days.

UIT's aren't to be ignored, especially in male cats. If it coninues you might want to talk to the vet about surgery to open the tract more. (Best to talk to your vet about options for your kitty.)

Please do take him in for the problem ASAP, even if it's to another vet.
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First, as the others have said, he needs to see a vet ASAP. Cats, especially male cats, can get blocked from the crystals in their urine and die within 24 hours.

Next, yes, $600 to dx & treat a UTI is a lot of money. Is there another vet you can take him to? Do you know anyone with cats who can give you a recommendation?

Normally you'd be charged for a vet visit, a urinalysis, a culture, and the medications. Prices vary wildly from area to area and vet to vet, but I would expect to pay somewhere around $200 here.

It's a bad idea to just give him antibiotics on your own. It may be the wrong kind, or you might not give it to him long enough & he'd just get reinfected.

UTIs can be brought on by stress, and the move may be a factor. But they're not something to take lightly -- not to mention that they're incredibly painful, as I've suffered from them most of my life.
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I really appreciate your comments. I have been trying to express to my boyfriend how serious this is. He is just confused on how cats get it.

I spoke with my vet today, and he will be going in tomorrow morning, and I will leave him there for most of the day for urine collection. The last time I took him in, they didn't catherize him, and I spoke to them about the cost, so they have lowered it considerably. It turns out tomorrow should only cost $150, which includes the office visit, urinalysis, medication, and special diet food.

So I do hope my sweet boy will be alright.
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Let us know how your boy does!

Cats' urine should be at a certain pH. If it's higher or lower, crystals may form - and there are different types of crystals, and they need different treatments.

In male cats, their urethra is very narrow, so if there are crystals in their urine, it can be completely blocked - and they can't pee at all - which as I said, can cause death quickly. Female cats have a larger opening, and don't usually become blocked.

There are many causes, and the truth is no one's really sure. Your water might be part of the problem - water with a lot of minerals can alter the pH.

Dry food is often a culprit. Cats are designed to get most of their moisture from food, and dry food obviously doesn't have much. And the carbs in dry food isn't all that good for most cats either.

Stress can also be a factor.

I'm glad your vet was reasonable about the costs. Did they say anything about why it was so expensive the last time?
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They kept wanting to do a urinalysis every couple of days. So that was an office visit + urinalysis... and during a two week time, I think he had 4 or 5 urinalyses. So that's what added up the cost.

I think I will investigate into the widening of his urethra in future time. Jack lives with his sister Rose, so of course, she has not shown any symptoms.

I found these kittens almost 6 years ago, in a box, their eyes had just begun to open. So the only thing I know about these kittens is everything, exept their heritage.

But I will post later today, after the vet visit to tell all what's going on
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Well, the doc says Jack will pull through, I just have to change his diet completely.

And Jack has lost 5 1/2 oz... now he's only 16lbs even...

my poor chubby boy...
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That's great news! Hope it works!

I am picking up my boy Stubby this morning, he had the surgery yesterday. He had been blocked so many times it was the only thing left to do. The vet said it went really well!

Take Care,
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Here is a good, informative website, courtesy of one of our members.

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Thank you so much! Hissy, I really appreciate everything that you have done.

You are all wonderful and very supportive.

You are all appreciated.

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