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Can some antibiotics make a cat lose their appetite? It seems like it started the second day she was on her antibiotic, its called baytril, its a pill. I thought it was maybe because she was getting sick of the food shes eating because she keeps begging me and my husband when we're eating anything even if its chocolate. BTW is it safe for cats to eat bread?
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Baytril (made by Bayer)can cause loss of appetite in cats. It can also cause digestive upset resulting in the cat just not wanting to eat.

Table scraps are okay as a treat now and then, but a general rule to follow is stay on the same food for your cat so there is no problem health-wise, so much of what is *safe* for us to eat, could harm our cats- especially chocolate which could kill a cat or a dog.
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Oh i'd never give my cat anything sweet especially chocolate. Well today is her last day on baytril, hopefully she'll be fine tomorrow.
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As pointed out, yes, antibiotics can cause inappetance.

Whenever you have a problem like that, you should discuss it with your vet -- they may be able to try another antibiotic that won't upset her stomach.

You can give acidolphilus, too - it's a probiotic which helps to offset the effects of the antibiotic.

And yes, bread, in small amounts, is fine. Cats don't have much of a need for that kind of carbohydrate, but a little now & then isn't going to hurt.

Some cats are really carb-aholics, just like us!
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She really liked the bread I gave her. She only has one more pill on the antibiotic so if her appetite doesn't go back up after the pills are done then i'll call my vet.
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