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Check it out!! My Katwallks finally arrived and we just put them up. The kids were a little guarded at first but I think they like them!!

There's about 11 pics I just took...

I got them from www.katwallks.com !
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Aren't they cool! Silhouetted Cats!
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I love it , how cool Sicy . I like the pic where Saki is caring his mouse up there , that looks so cute And # 9 pic looks like both cats are flying on those steps
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Couple more heh

I know they look exactly alike from afar dont they LOL.
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Wonderful...what fun they are having This is similar to something we plan to do at some point in at least one room.
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The Catwalks look soo cool .... I am sure the Master and the Missus had a blast on them. I am halfway tempted to get them for my kid and the half-kid and they go inside apartments too.
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They sure do seem to be enjoying them now.

Love the ones of Saki and his mouse. Looks like he has found a new place to stash them.
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Looks like they're having lots of fun! Isn't it great when they are (almost) as excited about a new toy as you were when you gave it to them!
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How cool.... what a neat ideal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL greycat, at least I can FIND the mice if he stashes them there!

I swear I am MORE excited about them than they are.. I dont think that's normal lol.
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Wow! Those are cool! Looks like the kids like them too!

Great pictures
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AWESOME!! AND it looks like ZOEY DO like it!! Are they competiting for it yet? I KNOW that my cats competes to get to the top of the cat pole so I ended up getting a 2nd one and now I have cats racing each other up the poles to the top.

When I move into my new place, this will be my first thing to buy cuz I LIKE how these looks! Sicy, u should become a promoter! Grin. The prices are very reasonable also!

I get very excited about toys myself so I think that's very normal for cat lovers. Grin!
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Those look so cool!! Looks like Zoey and Saki are enjoying them.

And there's nothing wrong with being excited over the cats toys... I get like that too!! I think we get like that because we know how much fun we'll have watching them play!
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omg Chester has the cutest black nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LOOK how cute Saki looks

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Saki is a handsome kitty *kisses*
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To cute Sicy It looks to me he really enjoy them
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Originally posted by Sicycat
omg Chester has the cutest black nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He knows how much his mommy loves his nose too! I'm always kissing it and telling him how much I love it!

Saki looks so cute on his Katwallk (as does Zoey!) But then again, they always do!
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Love the cat walks! I've been thinking of putting some in the basement for Duffy and Penny as they spend most of their time down there goofing around anyway. Where did you get them and how much were they?

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I posted a link in my first post.

I got them at www.katwallks.com


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Those are very cool. A bit costly, but very cool. I am glad they specified the weight limit. I know Amber would just love those catwalks.
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I think Amber might break them
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I didnt think Zoey would like the Katwallks much but she really does!! She has finally learned how to turn around on them LOL.

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Those are AWESOME! I think Hallie, Jake and Henrietta would LOVE those!
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Cool photos. It reminds me of when you bought Zoey the perch. I bet she doesn't touch the floor for hours and hours now.
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Wow those are cool. I hate a flat cd rack on my wall and it acts as a shelf. The second there is nothing on it Em is up there in a flash.

I'm gonna look into those for Em.
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Those look really cute of your babies. And the shelf idea would be great for my 4...trouble is now trying to convince their 'daddy' to agree to buying some...heheheh
Thanks for 'advertising' them.
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Great idea -and amazing beautiful photos.
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wow that's amazing. lovely pics and a great idea
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This thread is old but I think some new members would love to see these pics.

Here's a few recent ones, the kids still LOVE their Katwallks

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