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I'm Really Missing This Site!

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Hey everyone!

I have had no time on the internet since I started working. I survived my first two weeks BUT I am soooo tired! I just wish there were more hours in the day so I could check in here more often!

Nakita is being very affectionate, but tries to block the door every morning before I leave for work. She can really lay a guilt trip on me! But then I remind her that she wouldn't get her favourite treats and toys if I didn't bring home a paycheck!

Thought I would check in here before I get ready for bed. Hope all is well with everyone and sending out a to all the new members!

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Good to see you post! I hope things calm down a bit and you find some time to join us again soon!

to Nakita!
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Hi Russian Blue , it is really good to see you her . Take it easy and know we all love you here and miss you . I am so happy to hear that Nakita is doing good . Well as you know , cats are known for a good old guilt trip I guess it is her way to tell you that she love and misses you . Come on in here when ever you have time and don't work to hard now .
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And I am really missing you! Once you get used to the routine, maybe you can stop in every once in awhile and leave a picture or two...
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Hello Kass...Come back and visit us whenever You can.... And give sweetie Nakita scritchies for us too.
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Hey Kass! Sorry to hear you're tired, but glad you survived. You go girl. It's neat to hear from you and Nakita. Big hugs to ya both!
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Hi Kass!!! I miss you too!!!!

I've been thinking about you and wondering how the new job is going. Glad to hear it's going good, even with the guilt trips in the morning. (Trent does the same thing to me, every morning. We have a routine, and I plan some extra time that's just for us but he still gives me that *look* every morning!)
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Maybe if you tell Nakita you have to go catch mousies, she'll understand it's important? Won't stop the guilt trips, though, will it? Glad the job is going OK. Scritches for the little lady. Drop in when you can.
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Hi Kass. Good to see you again. We miss you and Nakita here.

Please drop in when you can and maybe post a pic or two.

*Hugs to you and scritches for Nakita.*
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