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Even though it was a bit of a retarded movie, I think that "Shallow Hal" hits it on the head. The real beauty is on the inside, but our society has become soooo obsessed with the outer package. Just look at all the cosmetic surgery being done.

Now people, quick post your pics from the past before this becomes an IMO topic (or somebody open it over there.)
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Here's mine: spring 1968. I was 10 years old and in fifth grade. Been trying to get my hair back to that color, for 20 years and haven't quite succeeded. For the picture, I left off my glasses. This was when my parents were breaking up, so no smile, either.
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Cindy you were the cutest little button, I LOVE your hair!!
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Here's an early one. I miss my natural blond hair!

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ROTFL!! This thread is so cute! OK, I found a few pics to share, too.....

Me Easter egg hunting Circa 1969 - I'm not sure why I look so stunned, lol! I just thought the dress was cute. I look like a dinner bell..

Me and me twin brother Ken - 1967 - I'm the big one

My high school picture - 1985. Talk about an 80's Doo - Eeeeeeeek!

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Oh My- Debbie, I love your hair!! Hey and don't worry about getting teased when you were overweight, in grade school kids used to call me Mary Moose. Kids can be so cruel sometimes.

Cindy even back then there is a certain maturity on that young gal's face.

Hey Kim how long did you wear braces? I had them 2 and a half years. I used to shoot those rubber bands at my classmates!
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Originally posted by hissy
Hey Kim how long did you wear braces? I had them 2 and a half years. I used to shoot those rubber bands at my classmates!
Hey MA - I wore braces for about 4 years (I hated them) I remember shooting the rubber bands, too - LOL!! Too funny! Amazing I wasn't expelled!

Sicy - I just love you baby picture in that cute little dress. Looks like you were born to dance, girlfriend! SO CUTE!

Debby - I think you are just gorgeous, my dear! As far as being teased about being overweight - In middle school the guys used to call me "Buddah Butt" (Whatever the heck that MEANT!) I'm sure they were mocking my "full" figure. Duh! Kids can be so mean -- In my adult life, I haven't anyone make such cruel remarks.
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One of these days, I need to get together with my parents and go through 40+ years of photos. My grandmother used to keep my baby pictures and kid pictures of Mom on the mantel. I know that Mom has those, now and I want to scan them into the computer, to preserve them. Those are the only proof that I ever wore pink, frilly dresses.

My dad's favorite picture of Mom is her high school graduation picture. Ever since they got together, he's kept it beside his bed.

Some of my old pictures, I'd just as soon stay lost. There was the one, from second grade: horrible perm and missing front teeth. Ghastly!
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Deb, I forgot to say I loved the pic of you as a young girl! And Hissy, Cindy and Kim, those pics are soo cute! And everyone else who posted, I have enjoyed all the beautiful pictures. It makes me feel like I know you all better! The struggle with my weight is constant. I look so different the minute I gain weight...especially in my face. It gets round very easily! I am still on the Aitkins diet, I need to lose some more, although I'm proud of myself for losing most of the weight I gained in pregnancy. When Brent and I got married I was a size 3...not anymore!!!! But then again, I was 28 then and had just lost 40 lbs!!! I don't think I looked very healthy back then either...I actually thought it was cool that you could see my ribs!
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