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Blast from the past

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I found this old pic of my brother and I from 20 years ago...I was 18. So I scanned it, thought it was cute. I had those big glasses back then (before contacts)
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Cute! Love that 80's look!
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What a great idea, Debby!

Here is one of me, circa about 1961

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This is so much fun! I've got a couple share with ya'll...

This one is my Sophomore Picture....gotta love that 80's hair BUT sadly it was 1993!!!
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1969- Junior High Graduation- check out that big hair! LOL

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LOL! You guys are way too cute, Hissy I ADORE your shoes. They are so groovy!
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About as groovy as my "boat feet" LOL
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Hey!! Very cool pics!!!!!!!

Here's a few of me!

And check out this hair LOL

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Groovy looks from the 60's 80's and 90's all! Here's one of me in 1962 (I'm already trying to surround myself with fuzzy babies). LOL
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I'm safe! I'm safe! Nothing from the Dark Ages was digital, and we don't have a scanner -- AW GEEEEE!

Cute pics, though!
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These pictures are great- Sicy that one of you sideways cracks me up! LOL Cute cute cute!
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OMG Sicy you're adorable!

Mine are kinda recent I don't have any pics of me without cats.

Here I am when I was little(1992??) with nanas cat(died recently) Impy!

and here I am at about 9(1999) with Porty! my kitty.

I still look exactly the same
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I just love looking at everyone's pictures! It's amazing how much you change through out life, but yet in certain facial features don't change a bit!

Here's another one for you guys....
It was taken just a few days after my first day in Kindergarden (1982). Omg...that was 22 years ago! I'm starting to feel old now!
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OMG what a cool thread . I like all pictures . I got a new scaner and have no clue how to work that thing . My hubby has to show me how and I will look for some pictures too
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Sicy, apparently you had the Salsa thing going on early in life!
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I LOVE seeing the old pics of you guys!!! I am really enjoying this thread...I hope it keeps going, I'd like to see more old pics!

Talk about people changing...noone could have changed as much as I have over the years. I have went from thin to fat, to thin, to fat...I really have a battle with my weight...but not nearly as bad as I did when I was younger. I pretty much look the same now as I have for the past 5 years...although I gained some weight after having Amber, but have lost most of it now.

Here are 5 pics of me showing different ages and looking completely different each time. I will have to post the other 4 in the next 4 posts, since I don't know how to post more than one pic at a time in one post...sorry.

Here's me when I was a little girl...about 5 I think.
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...and this is me at age 13. I'll never forget feeling the way I did then, and how cruel the kids in school were...I got made fun of and picked on alot back then because of how I looked. I got really sick of "fat" jokes.
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Me at age 18...lost alot of weight...
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Me at age 25....put most of it back on.....
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Me a little more recently.(I am 38 now)
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Feel privileged (sp?) I usually don't show people my "fat" pictures...or else I have to kill them.
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WOW Debby! What a change! I have to say you're absolutely beautiful!

I think some of us are just late bloomers in life & I understand how you felt years ago when kids are so cruel. I too was picked on non stop for several years & finally my senior year in HS, it stopped. It's quite funny now that I've been running into those snots that always picked on me (calling me fat or ugly) & I find it quite ironic when they start flirting with me. They act like I don't remember those hurtful comments & I don't give them the time of day! If they only knew how much it affected me all those years, they wouldn't THINK about chit chatting with me!

Once again Debby, you look fabulous!
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Debby you look absolutly stunning , a look a man can dream off
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Here's one of my Sr. Pictures (1995)....

Haven't changed too much since then, I guess.
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Shell I think you are beautiful no matter what pic I see from you
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Here ya go Debby...don't feel bad, I'm sharing a fat picture too!

I hope to God that I NEVER look like THAT again!
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Sicy, you were THE CUTEST little girl. What a little doll you were! Debby, I think you're beautiful, and you were adorable as a child, as well. Shell, what can I say.... You always look beautiful to me. I think you look a lot like you did as a child.
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Debby, you look like a girl that I was best friends with in grade school in that picture when you were 13...In fact the picture made me think of her immediately and smile. I stood up for her alot against teasers and I know how awful it can make a person feel. It still makes me furious to see a kid being made fun of. I think you look cute as everything and you grew up to be very pretty!

I love all these pictures!! I have a picture of me with the 90's BIG hair, will look and find it..I swear my hair is 3 feet wide! lol
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Shell...even in the pic where you were a bit heavier you were still beautiful....but it's hard isn't it....people keep judging us by what we used to look like and it's so hard to keep looking like we do now...part of us wants to say screw it and just eat eat eat and be happy. Am I right???? I hate being judged by what I look like since my looks have been on all sides of the spectrum, I KNOW how it feels to be the outcast...and then to have people only pay attention to you once they find you attractive. I know what you mean about those jerks in school who wouldn't give you the time of day and now flirt with you....I want to say....you didn't give me a second look in school...so why start now??? I am the same dang person on the inside, and I always will be! And really....what do looks matter??? When I am 80, I want someone by my side who I can laugh with and enjoy life with...not who has money or is good looking for pete's sake.
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You nailed it on the head Debby!!
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