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Echo is having bum problems again! HELP!

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I was hoping that I'd never have to go through this again with Echo, but apparently that is not the case. Back in Janurary of 2003, Echo had a horrible infection on her bum. After I took her to the vet, it only got worse because the vet had me give her medication that I shouldn't have. The Vet really never said what caused it except for that she's overweight (which I'm working on...she's lost about 4 pounds since then) & is unable to clean herself well enough. I noticed that she's been scooting across the floor lately & so I took a look at her. It's not raw yet, but it's really poopy (like the runs). I've tried washing it off of her but it's caked & dried on (and that why she's probably trying her best to get it off of her). The skin around her anus is slightly red & inflammed. Right now the only thing I've done is washing it off, drying it good & then I put some cornstarch on it to soothe it and to keep it dry. She was totally pissed that I was messing around with her, so I'm sure it hurts.
I know I should take her to the vet & if it doesn't improve by Thursday (my only day off this week), I'll take her to the vet. Is there anything I can do to help this? Could her being overweight be the only culprit? I haven't changed foods in a few months, so I doubt that it's the food (which is Iams Weight Control).

Any ideas or advice? Thanks in advance!
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First I think you need to change the vet , that is my opinion .2nd I don't think it is the food since she is on that for a while . I always have "Albon" at home in case something like that happen . That is for the runs and for upset stomach ect. But you only can get it from the vet .
I would take her to the vet and let them run some test on her .Her symtome's (sp) don't sound wright to me . Maybe M.A. or some of the others know how to help you better in the time till you can go to the vet with her .In the mean time make a appointment with a vet for her .
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Thanks Hedi! MA helped me last time (she was a godsend!) & I guess I was hoping that someone here would have a little insight to whats happening with her. As for the Vet, I don't go that one anymore. She upset me more than words could describe & I refuse to step foot into her facility again. Also, I moved away & now I'm searching for a new vet. I had taken Tiki to a different one up here a few months ago but I just had a weird gut feeling about it, so I won't be going back there. I did find that there's a All Feline Hospital in Lincoln so I'll be calling them if I need to take her in (which the more I think about it, it's by far the best decision). Since they only see cats, I figure they might have a better concept of what might be happening with her.

As for her having the runs, she really isn't having loose stools. I've been checking her box & nothing is out of the ordinary. I guess it could be her glands...maybe they're full? I dunno...but we'll find out on Thursday when I can get her in hopefully. I'll call tomorrow to make an appointment for her.
I guess now I just need to know if I should keep doing what I have been with the warm wash clothes & cornstarch...or should I stop that? I just start that today, so I don't know if it's helping quite yet or not. I've been trying to clean it but it's matted into her fur & it's caked on pretty bad.
Thanks again Hedi!

Here's the link to the All Feline Hospital:
Tell me what you think about it, ok? Thanks!
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Yes M.A. is a sweetheart and help me many times
I don't think washing her bum is wrong , but I have no clue about the cornstarch . I know cornstarch is to (try) clean the fur I belive . It could be the glands or maybe worms (?) . I am sure her bum is sore the way how you talk about it . I hope sweet Echo is feeling better , poor baby . Give her some from me .
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That All Feline Hospital looks good. I wish I had one in my area.

This is only a thought, but do stores have special wet cat cloths containing a soothing gel, or aloe? I don't know if that would be good for a cat, though.

When you take her to the vet, see if they can shave off the hair around her behind. I know I couldn't do that to my cat by myself. At least she wouldn't have any dried poop hanging on.

I wish you the best of luck.

Jill and Candy
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Thanks Hedi & Jill!
The last time this happened, MA told me to put some cornstarch on her & it helped dry it up which let it heal. I'm hoping that it'll work this time too.

I looked around for some kind of baby wipes & the only thing that I thought would work was Pampers Sensitive since it doesn't have any alcohol ( The thought of alcohol on that makes ME hurt!) or any perfumes. I bought some in hopes that it would help get the gunk off, but it doesn't do a thing. So, I've just stuck to using the wash clothes.

I'm betting they'll have to shave her butt...poor kitty! She'll look like a baboon!
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Shell : I'm betting they'll have to shave her butt...poor kitty! She'll look like a baboon!

Now , now Shell be nice and please don't tell her that You know that female cats can have a attitute
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Hey Shell-

Has she been checked for worms? Are you keeping her up on her flea treatment so she doesn't get tapes? That was my first thought when you said she was scooting.

Congrats on getting her down by 4 pounds. Keep at it, most of the problem is she is so overweight she can't reach back there to clean herself. It could also be her anal glands are getting impacted and I know the vet uses a type of steriod cream for that.

Other than that getting her to the vet, having them clip her hair and asking them what to use on her bum to help her feel better would be the best way to go.
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Thanks MA! Yes, the flea treatment is still a go here. I haven't found any traces of worms, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have them.

I'll definitely ask the vet what I should do to help her heal & possibly prevent this. I'll feel a little weird if I have to wipe her bum each time she uses her litter box, but if thats what I've got to do to keep this from happening I'll do it. I'm hoping that she'll lose a few more pounds, so we won't have the issue of her not able to clean herself.

Thanks again for all of your help!
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Our shelter cat, Bubba, has the scoot and poot thing going on as well. Parasite free, his fur became irritated by a "cling on" and we had to resort to not only clearing the rear but defurring the cat. He is a VERY LONG HAIR rag. Last year we removed a $300 8" long hairball from his intestines soooo.... Clipped again. While he resembles a groomed poodle and sits in front of the space heater to stay warm at least we don't have to do any more surgery. Our vet suggested benedryl cream. Not the most exciting job but the stuff seemed to work.
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8" long hairball , wow . I am glad they found out what was wrong with Bubba , he could have died from that . I am sure something like that may be easy over look .
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I have a long haired white cat with a similar problem. She never had diarrhea but for some reason her butt was always dirty. She is somewhat overweight and does have some difficulty cleaning back there. I switched her food to one that does not contain corn and I noticed a huge difference. Maybe you should try something like Natural Balance or Wellness food.I know exactly how you feel, everynight when I came home I had to clean her with soapy water and a wash cloth, she didn't like it at first but then realized that I was getting her clean! This is gross but I actually had to pull the poop off with my fingers! It would get stuck in the fur and I couldn't get it off any other way. My cats are my babies and obviously I would do anything for them. My vets never acted like the weight had anything to do with her problem, so I don't know. I am tring to help her lose some weight just for health benefits. Well hope your cats problem gets better. Good Luck!
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