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Hello Guys

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HEy Guys How IS it going i havent been on in months i have been soo busy . so How is eveyone doing you have to see how big wendy is and she is a little fat too . ME and my BF are in the process of buying a house im very excited and nervous but it is going good im excited to be back

Great to be back
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It's good to hear from you, Laura, and I'd loooove to see new pics of Wendy!
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Welcome back!!! Nice to see you again!
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Hello Laura..... Is Your sig a pic of Wendy? If it is. She is a very beautiful little Girl.
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Wow it has been a long time! Yes, send those pictures of Wendy on through! Can't wait!
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Good to see you again Laura! Congrats on buying a house!!!
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Laura!! It's so good to see you again. Glad you're back. Hugs to you.
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WB Laura!!

Congrads on buying a new house and hope to see more of Wendy.
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