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I was robbed last night!

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I don't know if this is in English mugging, robbery, or assault, or whatever, here it's in Spanish "asalto". But last night it happened to me.

Sorry if I am rambling, but it's still confusing, and I am feeling like gone through a washing machine.

I had to go the house on the other side of the block (I disconnected from TCS to go there) to ask something to the neighbor. Halfway around the block I felt that somebody was sneaking up behind me... before I even had time to think I felt something pointy touching my back and heard the words "No mires atrás" (Don't look behind you). And felt a hand taking my wallet from my jeans back pocket. I froze to death.

I don't know why on earth did I did this foolishness, but the next thing I did was turn back on the guy and grab the hand of the knife. I cannot recall the details, but there was a struggle where I kicked him in the stomach and the next thing I know was a big fist smack into my face and I fall to the ground. That was the end of it. The detail is that when I fell my head bumped directly into the steel bar of a traffic sign. My head still hurts.

By the time I was capable of standing up and managed to find my eyeglasses in the floor there was no trace of him and I read what said on the sign.



And an arrow pointing ahead.

Ironic... robbed a block from a police HQ.

Snuff said, I simply followed my logic of walking there with a killing headache and told them what happened. My parents picked me up there once the reports were signed. They had a face of worry when they arrived like none I've seen in my life. I doubt they are going to let me alone outside in a good while. Bummer.

I've had to call the bank to cancel my ATM.

Fortunately there was no money in the wallet... not a believer of cash.

Any vibes to spare on the headache?

I think I need to get away from this town.
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Wow - that must have been really scary! You're lucky you weren't hurt worse - it especially wouldn't have been worthwhile over an ATM card which you can have blocked. Hope your headache goes away, and I wouldn't go walking around that neighborhood alone at night.
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Mega vibes for the headache, VIctor! Thank God the guy didn't do worse!
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Jcat, my neighborhood is considered a "safe" neighborhood by the police... although they would need to say a lot more to convince me of going out again alone at 10 PM.

It was later when the feeling started to sink in of the risk I truly went through... I guess trying to resist an armed robbery is the kind of thing that you just shouldn't be doing.

I've been with an ice bag and double my dose of Tylenol. I shall confess I've got a big bump in the head. At least I am no longer feeling like a Migraine.
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Wow! Hope you are going to be all right! I think I'd be so scared I'd become something of a hermit after all that.
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wow, I'm glad you're not serverly injured. That creep is still out to hurt someone else
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Oh my! Sorry to hear about that - what an unpleasant experience!

You get lots of rest now Victor - you've been through a lot both physically as well as emotionally (even if you don't feel the full impact just yet - it could take a while for it all to sink in).
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I am so sorry to hear that Victor! It sounds like you are on the mend and did everything right. The others are will take awhile to sink in what happened. Hope you get better soon and I hope they catch the creep that did that to you! (((sending healing vibes)))

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I guess I really went through a lot there... Thanks. I am somewhat confused at why did I not use my cell phone, but I guess it was the right thing anyway to have gone to the police station.

I have spent the whole day whithout doing much, just watching tv, listen to the radio and the computer. Vicky came here after school and the first thing she asked was say with a grin "You spend 24 hours without me nearby and get into trouble" She's got a sense of humor.

I don't know if he's gonna be caught or not. They asked for a description of him, which was mostly of clothing he had and some basic features of his face as it was dark. But I would sure love to pass him through the stone.

The wallet is more likely to be found, but ain't worrying too much about that. They also asked me for a small list of what's inside the wallet in case they find it. The only things of any real value was the ATM and the SS card, but I mentioned everything I could remember.

One question: How do I get a new Social Security card when it's been stolen? I am at a loss there.

Thanks for all those vibes and support, I knew you folks would understand.
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OMG Victor , how scary . You are lucky nothing worse happend to you . I sure hope you get to feel better soon .
I have a son and he will be 16 soon . I would have freak out if that would happen to him . But then , he is only allowed (sp) to stay out till 8:00 pm .
One time he also sneak out with a neighbour boy , same age , to a gas station together to buy something . Well , the police stop them LOL . The cue I believe is 10:30 pm under the age . So his luck was that his dad is a cop and so let them both slide No need to say that the next day my husband found out . Oh boy
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I'm so sorry that happened to you, but relieved that you weren't hurt worse. That's really scary! I hope they catch the guy. I'm sure you (or at least your parents) will sleep better knowing he's behind bars.

As for SS cards, here in the states you can go to one of the offices and get a new one. My husband lost his and had to do this.
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Whoa! How scary!!
Take care of yourself & hope you're headache is better!
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oh my im so sry that is terrible thank god your alive you are brave for kicking him im soooo sry about you headache i hope it feels better take care of you self be safe
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I'm so sorry about what happened! I'm glad that they didn't try to do anything worse though, and you are very brave to try to defend yourself.
I really hope that the police finds the guy and he gets punished for what he did, which is very bad. I'm sure you and your family will feel better if he's not out there too.

Feel better soon!
Sending lots of safe and healing vibes.
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Wow I'm sorry you went through this. How scarey. For a new SS card you have to go to the Social Security office. A SS card is unfortunately not something you can get by mail or internet. You have to show two forms of ID when you go. It helps to protect your identity.
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I'm glad that you are fine now... hope the headache and the bump clears up soon...
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Sounds like fun
hope you feel better soon man,

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Victor that's very scary. I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope you're feeling better soon buddy. lots of ((hugs))
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Victor i hope you feel better soon. Theres some horrible people in this world. Instead of working to pay for things they have to take it from others

Sending you a hugg and a headbutt from Rosie(on the opposite side of your bump!)
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That's terrible!! I'm glad you're okay. Take care.
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Thanks you all

I have been feeling better from it. I still feel it bad when I press my hand against it, but it's much better.

I've been feeling lately in the sense of constantly thinking "If I had done this or that" but the truth is that nothing can be done by now. But today I am resuming with my studies and try to do everything as normal. Can't become some hermit because of this.

Brandon, I hope you don't mind if I differ a bit when you say sounds like fun

Vicky says she would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that guy figured out that there wasn't a single cent. Guess I share her feelings.
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I have just received what is easily the strangest phone call in my life so far.

We received a phone call while I was doing my homework and my mom picked it up. After a few seconds she came to me with the cordless saying that someone in the police wanted to speak to me.

It was a detective in the state police.... he asked me if I had been the victim of a robbery on sunday night and I said yes. He told me that they had found a wallet with a SS and ATM cards that had my name on it.. he even told me the SS number which I recognized. They had done some kind of operation in a public residential which is not far from here because of a drug sale operation (I had even seen about it in the noon news)... and they had not only found drugs and drug dealers... but among stuff they had found that wallet and when they fingerprinted it along with everything else they found fingerprints of two people who had been arrested as part of the other operation, plus a third set of fingerprints which he says might be my own. When they found those cards in it, he decided to do a search for any police reports of that with my name and got my filing in the municipal police. He said he even has a copy of it already.

I asked him why on earth would a common thief like that keep a wallet that did not have a single cent in it, and did not have anything of use to them. He said that it would be very naïve to say that those two cards are of no use to a thief as with a SS card an identity theft becomes a snap, since nowadays SS numbers are used as someking of National Identity Number. He said that the drug operation was pretty big, so it would not be of much surprise if they would find that other use to it.

He said he wanted me to be at the state police HQ for Caguas tomorrow morning to see if I could identify any of those two people and that they would also question them about the affair and any kind of testimony. I asked him if he preffered me there right now but he said that they are right now having up to the neck with the drug thing and they've got dozens of arrestees and a mess there so it would be best to take it tomorrow morning. I agreed to be there.

What do you think? This feels worser by the minute... And I feel that this is getting worser by the minute.... Identity theft.... this is getting scarier and has me in a worser state of mind Vicky says she wants to go with me... even though it means her not going to school tomorrow.
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Oh wow that's really complicated!

But from what I understand, if they have the person who attacked/robbed you, then maybe that's a good thing. Then this person won't do any more harm to you or anyone else. Or at least until he's in jail.

Well I hope that everything goes well tomorrow! Let us know what happens.
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Ok... here's what happened. I just came from there and I am really dead tired so forgive me if my redaction skills went down the toilet.

I went there with my parents and Vicky who insisted in going with me. I asked for that detective and they brought him to me... the best way to describe the guy is that he could have walked right out of an American murder tv series.... He brought me to an office and told me that they had waited till everyone else was brought to the judge so bail could be set and such, to bring them again for questioning on the other subject. You can imagine how they must have been already thinking the worse that can happen to them with the police has happened. Well there's more for them. He told me that one of the things he wanted was to nail them at everything he could find... kind of an isurance if the drug case goes haywire.

He asked me to see their mug shots and I went to it.... I saw in one of the photos the precise face I had seen the other night in mid darkness. It felt like some kind of Deja Vù. I affirmed that it was him. And he asked me if I was willing to see the questioning through a one way glass, which I said yes. He asked me if I had a photo of me... which I said no. He said he needed a photo so he could ask the person if he recognized me, so if I did not mind he could take a pic with an instant photo polaroid they have for evidence. I said yes.

When I saw the guy I remembered it almost like it had just happened. He was denying it completely... I saw that he went and showed him that photo and asked if he had seen that person. That man seems to have gotten dead white before he could deny it. He was then told that his fingerprints were found in the stolen wallet... in his own apartment.

He looked gravely and said "I better explain this"... he confessed it all... but when asked why he did it he said he simply "needed money"... I think I could have strangled the guy when he said that for my blood really boiled. He explained that he got scared when he saw me falling to the floor and simply ran till he dropped and didn't found out of the lack of money till he was in his home.

He's making a confession about it, which saves us a lot of trouble.

At least I can say it's over. At least I hope so. This past few days have felt like a rollercoaster.
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By the time I was capable of standing up and managed to find my eyeglasses in the floor there was no trace of him and I read what said on the sign. MUNICIPAL POLICE


And an arrow pointing ahead.

Ironic... robbed a block from a police HQ.
Hey Victor, I just read your thread and now I have a question that I'm just dying to ask. WHY did you need to read a sign before you knew where the police department was located? Aren't you familiar with your neighborhood? You know, it really isn't safe to wander around strange places in the dark.
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I agree with Lorie. I thought it was dangerous to be wandering alone at night. And the thing that baffles me is, I recall that you were online quite a lot that day that you said you were robbed. Were you in two places at once? You have quite the imagination.
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Victor -

I'm so glad they caught the creep that did this to you, but don't be surprised if you're in shock for a while. Hope your head feels better, still have a bump? Maybe you should have seen a doctor?

These things can happen anywhere, even in the best of neighborhoods. If there's one thing I've learned from living most of my life in NY, it's never go out at night by yourself.

I'm glad you have support from family and friends, and I hope this nightmare is over soon for you.

Will you have to go to court to testify?

Take good care of yourself,

Jill and Candy
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I can't tell what's worse.... if to have gone through that or after having gone through it, there are people that think you are lying.

Kellye: I was up online until late... but after I disconnected I then went outside. I had turned off the computer with the precise idea of going there to that neighbor's house.

Lorie: I walk by that street sign virtually every day, and I have walked past that police station several times, if you wish I can quote you by memory the words in that sign. I did not need to read the sign to learn about the station's existence, but I guess reading it gave me an idea of what should I do.

Although I shall confess I am not familiar with certain areas of my own neighborhood.... I've lived here since 1998 and I am still learning things or places in it every now and then. Guess that made it even more dangerous.
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