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Just a few questions.........

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Hi eveybody. I finally got Pete to stop peeing on my bed, and now he sleeps with me. Notice I said HE SLEEPS. He rolls over, and then bites my toes, comes back up and nudges me in the face (he wants pets) and then settles down to snooze. Meantime I am trying to get to sleep too. I can't put a cover over me because the first time I move my toes, they get hijacked. I don't want to trow him out, but how do I get some SLEEP?????
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It sounds like he has conditioned you to do what he wants you to do, and you have to show him that you are alpha, not him. When he goes for your feet, sit up in bed and hiss at him. He should stop. If he doesn't then clap your hands twice loudly and tell him "leave it." If that still doesn't work, put him out of the room and shut the door. Usually the hissing works.

Glad he stopped peeing on your bed.
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Me too!!!
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I have that same trouble, Dori sleeps with me evry night. When I first go to bed though, I have to hurry and jump in the bed and get completely under the covers. If ANY part of my body is out of the covers she attacks me. I don't mean a little nibble either. I mean an all out attack! She grabs on to me and she never claws me but she bites so hard I even have to cover my head or she will attack it. Once she bit the middle of my forehead. After about 3 or 4 minutes she will give up and settle down to sleep. That is the only way I have gotten her to stop biting. I have to admit though, I think Dori is in charge of the house, not me I think I need to seriously follow some of the advice for kitty agression.
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If mine attack my feet under the covers, they get a little air lift (as in push feet into the air). Nothing that would ever hurt them, just to startle them out of the attack. They rarely do it twice and never a third time. Unless you have very strong legs, you need to do this to them as kittens or they can be too heavy as adults. If they attack higher up, they get a time out (firm no and hold them still for a few minutes).
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Sierra always tries to attack my feet between taking them of the floor and getting under the covers, so I ty to distract her. After that, she settles right down to go to sleep. It's later in the night that she keeps me up. If we haven't played enough prior to bedtime,(and often even if we have) she wakes me up nibbling on whatever she can get. Sometimes she'll wrap her hands around my hand and kick with her little feet until I wake up and pay attention.I've never tried hissing at her. What a great idea!
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