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Struvite and food

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Well, what a weekend!

Noticed our 3.5 y.o. neutered Striker was trying and not going yesterday. Took him to the emergency hospital where they hooked him to an IV and kept him overnight. Testing revealed a build-up of struvite crystals. He's home now and okay, but the vet wants us to change his diet.

After searching the archives here, I'm still unsure if there's a clear leader in the dry food category. The vet hospital only sold Waltham's. I've done a little web searching and came up with choices from:
a) Pro Plan
b) Nutro Max
c) Royal Canin
d) Hill's

Eukanuba and Iams probably make something as well, but I couldn't find specific info.


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I had the same problem with my Frantic. My vet recommends either PurinaONE or Science Diet. Both of my boys are eating PurinaONE with no problems for over a year.

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Thanks, Sweets!

He's been eating Purina's Indoor Cat Formula for a while, now; maybe that'll be an easier transition...
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I know there was a study out recently linking constant dry food to crystals in the urine. The argument was that offering the cats dry food robs them of the moisture they find in their natural food (I am talking prey here, mice, birds, lizards etc...) On my last computer crash I lost the link to the study but it suggests that not only should you offer a choice of wet and dry food daily but also find ways to encourage your cat to drink more. The pet fountains are a good option for that- the cats are curious about the running water, and they play and splash around and they do drink more. In the early fall when the creek is low, but still running, I notice the cats will drink out of there instead of the bowl of water outside by the barn.

here are the feeds recommended for cats with struvite cystals:

Eukanba Veterinary Diets, Nutritional Urinary Formula, Low pH/S Feline
Same brand Moderate pH/O/Feline

Hills Prescription Diet Feline c/d-s (s stands for struvite)

IVD Select Care Control Formula

Purina Veterinary Diet UR Urinary Formula

Waltham Feline Lower Urinary Tract Support Diet
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Thanks for all that, MA!

As I said, the vet recommended the Waltham's they were selling in their lobby. My concern is if its only available from a vet, trying to get to a vet in a timely maner when we need to re-supply.

I've also read that feeding to help with struvite may precipitate a build-up of oxalate. The Waltham's i think is supposed to remedy both in one food. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks, again!
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Someone a lot more knowledgeable can correct me here, but it is my understanding that the type of build-up you are referring to occurs more commonly in senior cats? He should still be active enough that they are right now struvite crystals. Adding fiber to his diet, canned pumpkin, cooked and mashed green beans, cat grass, or even organic catnip will also help him to get his system into working order, unless he is predisposed to FLUTD

Again, I have never had this problem with any of my cats so I am not that knowledgeable about all the opinions and studies around it. Once I encounter it, that's when I get busy and really learn about it-
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Bill here is a good website with info you might wish to look at.

Courtesy of one of our members, Misha

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Once again, thank you.

So far, he seems to be doing better. We're in the slow crossover to Purina One Urinary Tract formula.

He's going again, but only small amounts (less than he used to). Also, due (I believe) to the amoxycillin he's on, he's having to deal with diarrhea, too.

It seems that his water intake is getting back up to par as well, so maybe its a matter of time. We need to get another urinalysis done soon to make sure he really is progressing.
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Glad to hear he is doing better. Will keep positive thoughts going.
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I have just had to deal with the same problem. What a confusing subject!I am totally confused. I have read so much information on stuvite crystals and come up with a few things. There is a product made by a company called "Halo" its called Xtra C. Its a vitamin c suppelment that is supposed to make the urine more acidic and therefore keep cats from developing the crystals. It sounds good, i'm thinking of ordering it. But on the other hand if the urine becomes too acidic they can develop oxcalate crystals. I'm afraid if I feed my cat a low magnesium food and give the vit c this will happen. I have also used to Purina One Urinary Tract health and it did work for a while but it gave my other cat diarrhea. Also I am tring to go a more natural route. I am now feeding both cats Wellness Salmon food. They love it and it is supposed to keep the urine acidic. I also have started feeding them wet food as well. They can always use extra water intake in their diet! Well hope your cat continues to do well!
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