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Bandit is missing.

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My mum's cat Bandit has been missing since Tuesday last week. We are running out of ideas.

So far my mum has gone looking for him after dark, left stinky food out for him, checked all the garages and sheds in case he is locked in and checked all the roads in case of an accident.

We don't think he's been in an accident because he does not go near the roads at all, even the quiet road at the front of the house. He is fixed and shares the house with Cobweb who is missing him like mad.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, even if you think they are obvious, I'm not thinking all that clearly at the moment (extreme lack of sleep).

Here is a picture of the beautiful boy
Come back home PLEASE!!!
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Aww Rhian your poor mum!. Has she tried the neighbours?. And what about ringing the local shelters to see if he's been handed in.

Putting up pictures of Bandit would be an idea as well.

((((((((Go home Bandit))))))))

Keep us informed.
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Did you see this article?

Lost Cat?
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sending lots of ((((((((((((((COME HOME BANDIT))))))))))) vibes
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Come home Bandit come home! Mommy is missing you!
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I will keep Bandit in my thoughts and I am sending major "come back home" vibes. I hope you find him soon!
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Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping Bandit shows up safe and sound!!
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I really hope you find him, or he comes home on his own. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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I'm sorry about Bandit I will send some good vibes your way.
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Come on, Bandit, get your little butt home. It's not fair to scare Mum this way.

Mega "Come Home" vibes headed your way. I hope he turns up soon and well.
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Any news about Bandit? I hope you can find some useful advice in that article and that Bandit is back home soon!
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Oh no! I am sending you positive thoughts.
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hope you find Bandit safe and sound soon
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I will say a prayer for a save return home for Bandit
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is bandit home yet??
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I know what it's like, my Nana's cat Effects went missing last month and she NEVER left the property and never went near the road(lives in a 10 house street, that's soooooooo quiet) but 2 days later when Nana went for another look she was on the side of the road it hurt to much to post here.

I hope Bandit is found soon. Bandit and your mum are in my thoughts. Best of luck.
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Any news???

Come home to your mom Bandidt. She misses you very much.

Sending come home safe vibes to Bandit.
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Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I've just this minute got in from work. No news yet but my Mum said that she thought he may have been 'adopted' by someone else, she thinks that someone has been feeding her kitties.

Hissy - Thanks I have printed the article and will pass it on to my Mum.

I won't know any more until I speak to my Mum tonight. Thanks everyone
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If ur mom thinks he might be adopted by someone else, maybe she can make some flyers with pics of Bandit and pass it out around in the neighborhood and see?

I will be sending u guys "positive and come home" vibes! Pls keep us posted.
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I'm making up some more posters today. Bandit was seen on Friday by one of my mum's neighbours so at least we know he's probably alright, he's the only long haired kitty around the area so we don't think it was mistaken identity.

It is starting to look as though he's just off for a wander (fingers crossed), he was spotted not far from my mum's house so I guess he'll come home when he's ready (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Cobweb is still missing him like mad, I wish she could talk, I bet she knows where he is.
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Good luck with the flyers. Looks hopeful after Fridays sighting.
sending our more ((((((((((come home Bandit))))))))))))) vibes
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Did your mom check the shelters and/or animal control? I saw an interview on TV a couple weeks ago where Animal control was talking about missing pets. They said the biggest mistake is waiting to see if the cat comes home first before reporting it to animal control or the local humane society. Families put up posters, search the neighborhood etc. and then a week later when the pet hasn't come home, they call animal control and it's too late. Either their pet has been adopted out or been pts.

I'm thinking best thoughts for your mum's Bandit!
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For what it's worth (and especially in light of the sighting) friends of my husband's (this is a number of years ago) had a cat who disappeared. He was gone days, weeks...and they figured he was gone for good. Six months later, he turned up as if he'd been gone fifteen minutes. He stuck around for six months and was gone again, and that pattern continued for the rest of his life. Maybe Bandit is "two-timing"!!

Well, whatever, I hope he gets his little butt home soon, so his poor family can stop worrying about him.
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There is no Animal control as such where my mum lives, it's almost out in the country. Lots of fields and farms and stuff. I'm gonna call the closest shelter tomorrow, it's really far away from where my mum lives but anything is worth a shot at the moment.

Maybe Bandit is "two-timing"!!
That's my theory at the moment. Hopefully the 'new' owner will see the posters. I don't think my mum will mind sharing if she knows he's alright.
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Any news on Bandit?
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Oh I hope he comes home! I am sending my come home vibes!
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Still sending COME HOME vibes from Alabama! Would have sworn I posted some earlier, but apparantly I'm crazier than I think I am!
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Oh Bandit is still in my thoughts. I really hope he comes home soon. I'd be so angry if I found out somebody was feeding my cats.
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