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Desperate in the UK.

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Hi this morning i've had some bad news. It feels like the worst news i've ever known.

Me and my fiance are moving house to rented acommodation and have tried so hard to find somewhere that will allow pets, only trouble is we've had no luck and have sorted our place to move into in may. We'd hoped that they'd let us bring our cat because they said they might, but they've phoned today and said no! !!!! I'm So upset i just can't bring myself to think about her going, i really dont want her to.

We got her as a rescue cat from the rspca, i dont really want to take her back there as i cant think of her being back in those tiny cages for months again. I love her to bit's, she's so perfect! What i'd like to happen is for a familly member to have her but i dont think anyone wil.

So i thought the next best thing to do would be ask on here!? After all it is the best stop for cat lovers!

I feel so cruel, and so hurt. You can see her in my signature, she's lovely. She's a house cat but would suit being outside too. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body, she's so gentle and extremely cudley!!!! She's very petite but very very cute!

I would love for some one on here to take her, that way i'd know she was ok.

Can anyone please help???
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Oh she looks so sweet as well!.

What ever you do, don't take her back to the rspca because unless she captures someones heart they will eventually put her to sleep.

Have you tried The Cats Protection?. There a 'No Kill' organisation.

At least with these people you live with the knowledge knowing your baby will always be looked after even if know one wants her, but looking at her sweet face i'm sure someone will snap her up.

Heres their helpline number: 01403 221927

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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Where abouts in the UK are you?
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Do they really put them to sleep??? I didnt know that! how awful..... oh now i just want to go and rescue all of them!

I've spoken to a cousin who may take her, which would be great. My only worry there is that they have a tear away 5 year old son, and as mia's such a gentle sweetie i dont think she'd like him too much.

I've also asked my mum and that would be just the best option because i could still see her often. But I'm not sure if my mum will have time for another cat.

So i'd still apriciate any offer! She deserves a real cat lover who'll apriciate how scrummy she is.
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Originally posted by tulip2454
Where abouts in the UK are you?
In staffordshire. But we can travel pretty much anywhere to give her a good home!
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I am in Warwickshire - let me think about it!
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Thats why a lot of people no longer put towards the rspca for that reason.

I pay a yearly fee to them and often a little more because they get no help from the goverment

Oooh happy thinking Alexis!
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Originally posted by tulip2454
I am in Warwickshire - let me think about it!
OOh... think about it and then think yes! The cutest cat in the whole world could be all yours!

She's a bundle of joy. She's only two and a half, extremely well behaved. She understands her name entirely and understands when you say no.

she's been spayed and has had her vacinations.

I've had cat's in the past when i lived at home with my parents, but none compare to Mia... I never knew a cat could be SO loving and SO sweet.! And i cant believe i'm trying to get you to take her!

Would be lovely if you could though... but i'd expect the occasional update on here of how she's doing..

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There are some online resources to help "negotiate" with apartment managers. Usually a deposit and maybe a "charecter reference" from your veterinarian attesting that the cat is fully vaccinated, litter trained, etc. would be of help. I will check my links list at work and post them asap.
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Mark - that is very kind of you to do some checking. I know UK is often different from the US but maybe something would help. I am still thinking about little Mia but I am totally sure that Laura would prefer to keep her if she could.

glad to see you are still around helping
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Thanks for your help its very kind.

Only trouble is it's not the landlord who's said no, it's the person who owns the entire building. It was a little confusing because at first we were told yes by the landlord, but then they were told no by someone else who obviously has more say than him.

Alexis, its so good of you to concider taking her and at this moment that's what i'd be most happy with (appart from me keeping her of course). But like i said i have a cousin who is thinking about having her too, so she'd be fine if you decided you couldn't.

Unfortunately my parents just don't have the time to look after her, so they wont be able to take her.

As much as i do want to keep her forever, it's just not going to be possible now. But i do know anyone who does have her is sure to be Overwhelmed with all her snuggles. We should have named her snuggles...becuase she loves to be cuddled so much


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Thankfully my cousin has said she'd take Mia.

My cousin is really good with animals, she wanted to be a dog groomer but had to give it up to take care of her two children. So she will be well looked after!

I dont see my cousin very much but at least i can still have up dates on how Mia's doing. (and maybe even sneak her back when i have a my own house )

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That's so good to hear, Laura. Sounds like Mia will be well cared for, and you can keep up with her. Can't ask for much more, considering all...
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Awww i'm so pleased Laura. At least this way you can have contact with Mia.
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Laura - glad to know that your cousin will take Mia. I was thinking over this at the weekend and, although I WOULD offer Mia a forever (well until you wanted her back ) home looking at my lot I think it would probably have been unfair to Mia.
The Gang of Four fight and squabble amongst themselves for space, food, cuddles and anything else they feel is their right. With Mia being such a little sweetie (if not a little tarty! loved the photo)she may have been overwhelmed a bit.
I dont know what it is like in Staffordshire but the rental market over this way is huge and growing larger. So many places to rent the advertisments look like a telephone directory. Maybe in a few months you can look around for another place and have Mia back. Please dont lose touch cos you no longer have her - let us know how it goes
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Thanks for thinking about taking her, it would have been lovely. But obviously it's great now that i can still see Mia from time to time and i do hope that we may have her back some day. I doubt it though because i'm sure my cousins two young children will get far too attached to her...they wont want to let her go any more than i do!


For some reason i don't think it's qiute sunk into my head yet that she'll be going ..!

We'll only have her for about a month more now and then thats it!

I'll miss her so much, meowing and cuddling
I keep thinking about the last time i feed her, and when i have to walk away and leave her at her new home... it's not going to be nice at all!

crazy little animals! we get so attached it's heart braking!
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