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My First TNR

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Tomorrow I am buying a trap and setting it! My first catch will be Lilly, a little calico kitten. You know what the great thing about it is? My dad wants to keep her! He asked me to trap her and let her live inside with my other two kitties! Looks like my dad just kickstarted my TNR! After Lilly is caught, I will take her in to be spayed, vaccinated, tested, dewormed and get flea treatment. I think she is around 5 months old, give or take a month.

Then the other 11 (or more) kitties will be trapped, altered and fostered, homed or returned. My mom is willing to provide most of the funds, and friends are already wanting to help me out. Me and my sister are going to be trapping the kitties. I am going to my vet tomorrow to see if we can work something out. A friend of mine owns a local shelter and said she worked something out with the same vet. He fixes the cats, vaccinates them and tests them for $20.00 a cat! She said if I EVER had any ferals to call her and she'll get them done for me. I would be paying $20.00 per cat, I can't pass that up.

Also, I read on the Alley Cat Allies website that if you trap an unsterilized cat and release it, it will never return?

Send me HUGE vibes for tomorrow night! I hope everything goes well!


I will update you tomorrow after I get my trap and set it!
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Tasha that's good of you to trap these cats-

BTW how is your baby? Pictures would sure be nice-
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Hissy, I will put a new thread in The Cat Lounge. I will post some pictures of Sierra for you!
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Regarding what you read on the Alley Cat Allies page...they are pretty correct with that statement. Cats are such smart creatures that if they are trapped and then released, they will be next to impossible to trap again. Therefore, no matter which cat you trap, please take that cat in. In my experience, I always end up trapping someone other than the cat I intended to get. But...as long as a feral is being neutered/spayed, it doesn't really matter which one gets to the vet first!

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Good Luck...and no matter who you catch..they will be soo much better off once they are fixed.

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I bought the trap today! Wow, was it ever pricey! I paid $80.00 for it. In the end, it will be so worth it. I will be setting the trap tonight! I know that Lilly comes alone every night at 3:00. Please send "Lilly Trapping" vibes my way...
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Good luck!

(we like calico kittens)

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