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angry and upset

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I've been having a very productive day today. I've managed to get my dress, decorations, and flowers for my wedding so it's been a pretty good day...until now. I come home, listen to the machine it says to call my mgr or my coworker well (shocker) I can't get ahold of my mgr her phone has no minutes (another shocker) so I call the coworker.
she tells me that mgr(witch with a *) changed my day off next week (the one day I get to see Brad after two weeks of not seeing him except to sleep basically. trival? not to me. I'm irrate! I ASKED her which days off she needed, she said Thurs and Sat, so I took Sun and Mon, now I'm screwed with working the whole weekend and getting Thurs and Mon off both days I could care less if I had. Sunday is his only day off next week and she knows that. to top it all off, she told my coworker, "if she doesn't like it, oh well." what a crock of horse sh**! I'm stressed with this wedding and everything else going on in my life and I really don't want to deal with this right now. I know it seems really silly to rant about something so small but darnit, I was really looking forward to that day! you know?
sorry for the rant, I just needed to vent something awful!
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I would be upset too!! Geesh! How inconsiderate and witchy...
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As a boss who changes my employees schedules too much I know how you feel. Certain labor laws pertain to work schedule adjustments within a work week that has already started. Bosses ususally have supervisors. Other than lending a sympathetic - all schedule changing bosses should suffer from recurring protological discomfort - ear, I can offer some other less "job friendly" ways for getting the message across....
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That is a major bummer. Ok, so it's "just one day", but fair's fair, and you're entitled to a life outside your job. If she knew the issue, this kind of change is inexcusable, except for a real emergency, which it kinda doesn't sound like.

I hope she realizes that if she treats her workers like s**t, that's probably exactly what she can expect back from them. What goes around comes around.
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Barb I hear what you're saying and I would be upset as well. (((hugs))) What a cow!
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When people do things like this i always think they take great pleasure in ruining peoples plans!.

Don't let her see that she got to you, because that's what she wants to make her day complete!.

As hard as it is just smile at her then curse her in your head!
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When people do things like this i always think they take great pleasure in ruining peoples plans!.
Unfortunately sometimes these things do happen. My new job is arranging a large monthly rota and although I do not like changing peoples days off, this morning alone I had to do an A4 page full of rota changes (although I was giving out extra days off today, we have a new employee )

However, in your case it sounds like it isn't any sort of emergency and she's just messing you around.

to top it all off, she told my coworker, "if she doesn't like it, oh well
It's attitudes like this that make life difficult for those of us who desperately try to keep everyone happy.

If I were you I'd say that even though you don't like it you will put up with it this once (since it sounds like you don't have a choice) but make it clear that this is not going to be a regular occurance, after all most people make plans on their day off. Also try and put it in writing and on file so your manager can't make this a regular thing.

Just as a 'ps.' why not tell her you've bought tickets for something, if you have made definate plans she may have to back down.
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Thanks everyone, I know you'd understand.
You know, I understand if she NEEDED to change tha schedule for something but to take the whole weekend offAGAIN (this happens all the time) and then that attitude, that was crappy. I mean I bite the bullet all the time and work things that others with kids can't like xmas eve, Easter, all the major holidays and this is the thanks I am getting? I worked open to close so she wouldn't have to come in xmas eve this year and she didn't even say thanks, she just put the schedule up and said nothing more about it. As far as smiling and taking the shaft, well I suppose I have to, but I tell you what, I'm not going to be my usual pleasant persona this morning. I am still so angry that I don't feel like talking and I hardly slept last night or the night before( that was for other reasons, nothing bad, just couldnt' sleep well) and I'm still thinking about her attitude of if she doesn't like it, oh well. top it off with my seizure meds and headache meds changing causing a terrible hormonal imbalance and well, I am a meltdown waiting to happen. (Gosh I hope those stable out soon)(Yipes, I'm starting to scare myself!) I'll let you know what happened tonight or Tues.
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I can sympathize. That happens to my husband fairly often. I'm to the point that I just don't answer the phone when I figure it's somebody calling for him to come in on his day off (he rarely answers the phone for that reason). His boss doesn't call himself anymore after catching me on a very bad day - he gets somebody else to call.
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Boy is that bad... I understand how you feel. Sometimes bosses are somewhat unconsiderate.

You know, here in PR that's illegal, and depending on how you interpret it, unconstitutional.
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