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Casey's babies are here!!!

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Here's the scrapbook of Casey's little family!

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Congratulations!!!! Casey looks like such a good mommy - and she's so lucky to have been taken in by a caring family like yours. I LOVE the picture of her hovering over Oreo.

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Aww Thanks. They all look adorable. The kittens look big for newborns. I hope they're healthy as they look! You should post more pictures I love them so much!
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They are VERY adorable.
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They are very adorable.
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Oh! SO adorable! Such a sweet mommy too! Congratulations!You must be so excited! Can't wait to see more pics..
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Sooo sweet!!!!!
Casey looks like my girls Winnie and stormy!!!
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I can see from your pictures that Casey has "pants" just like my Belle. Too Cute.

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When my cat had kittens, she rolled over on one and killed it, so make sure that doesnt happen with your adorbal Litte Balls Of Fur!
again Congratulations!
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Here's 2 more from the scrapbook.... I'll post some new ones every few days so we can all watch them grow. They're pretty little (their mom is small) But they are chubby and active and unbelievably loud. Casey has moved them into her leopard print cat bed, now, so I guess she settling. She never leaves them; I'm sure she needs a break. She's a very good mommy.

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How precious! Since my kitty girls are spayed, they can't be mommies, but I sure love to see other newborn kitten pics! Thanks so much for sharing
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Awwww cuteness overlaod....they are precious
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Oh so sweet
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Too cute for words! Don't you just want to gobble them up?
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Too cute!
A friend of mines cat had 6 kittens and she saif they sounded like a basket of snakes when they got going.
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I just love those adorable kittens!
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Oh I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. Congrats on the new babies, they are precious.
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