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Spider bite?

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I was talking to a friend of mine who is a little worried about her cat. This morning, the cat, Kika, woke her up by cring in pain. She went to look at her and couldn't find anything wrong, but there was a dead spider beside the cat. A little later, Kika had a bit of trouble keeping here balance. Mary said it looked like a seizure and lasted about 10 seconds. Since then, Kika has been okay.

Mary talked to a vet at the emergency clinic, who told her to keep an eye on Kika and bring her in if anything changes. Mary said Kika is fine, except she didn't eat or drink anything (as of 5:00 this evening).

Any advice? Thanks.
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Last year one of my kittens got bit by a spider. It was on the weekend and I called my vet who told me the same thing. Sadly by Monday the little one had passed away. But again, this was a young kitten

I did find this site

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Hissy, thanks for the info. As it turns out, it was a stroke. The cat is 10. The vet said that there isn't much they can do, but she has to stay in a small space until she regains her equilibrium. She should be fine, but may have some slight tremors.
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I had a old Persian who has passed away after his 2nd stroke 2 years ago . I remember that I had to give him twice a week a half baby aspirin to help thin the blood . Sammy recover fine by the first stroke and was almost like always , just a little slower I guess .
I hope Kika will be ok and recover well from the stroke .
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Hi there. I'm sorry to hear about the little fuzzy one having a stroke but I can share this:
We have a 19 year old tabby named Queenie (And trust me when I say the name fits...she's the queen of the house) who has had several strokes now...5 at last count. The symptoms have always been the same. She'll walk in circles, and looks wobbly and confused. What we do is to separate her from the other 2 fuzzy kids into a quiet room, and give her fluids. (Usually albacore tuna juice and water mixed) Keeping the kitty hydrated is crucial.It seems like after a couple of days she perks up but sleeps a lot. According to our Vet that's normal. Hopefully Kika will be fine, and her Vet is right btw. It's not something they can do much for but we've found a lot of TLC goes a long way in the healing process. Being near and speaking softly helps keep them calm.
I'll hope for the best. With any luck everything will be fine. Good luck.
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Grampngram , wow at leats 5 stokes . You are lucky Queenie is still doing so good , specialy being high up in age .
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