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Kitty Undercover

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Just thought I would share that when I awoke this
morning I had a kitty under the covers! She was at
the foot of the bed under the covers - she is
crazy in the morning and bites and plays just to
get me out of bed! She has plenty of food and water
but just wants to play. Do any of your cats get
under the covers at your feet?
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Whiskerkitty,your kitty sounds adorable,I don,t have the problem of my cat Felix going under the quilt,but there is no way I can make my morning coffee,unless I,ve given him lots of attention and given him his breakfast first!

Jackie and Felix
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We have four kitties that demand to be covered at night. Bailey who is our orange kitty has to be under the sheets, whereas his brother Bartee only wants to be covered under one blanket. Kahuna sleeps right on the edge of the foot of the bed underneath, so no more tucked in sheets and the bed is usually a mess in the mornings. Bacardi has to sleep near our shoulder, under the covers. My husband is always threatening to sleep on the floor because the bed gets so crowded!
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On the covers, under the covers - all over the bed. Sometimes, I wonder if they are just allowing ME to stay in there for a little while!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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One of our kitties loves to get under the covers between the comforter and banket. We call him our mole cat when he does that because he leaves a raised trail across the bed as he travels. It's also amazing how much space 2 cats can use on a king size bed. Sometimes it feels like they are trying to push us out. Maybe they are!! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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That is so neat that some like to be covered!
I laughed when I read that they take over
the bed!
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Basil used to until - the puppies decided that was their end of the bed! So now Basil has to sleep on my head.
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Eric likes to sleep undercover during the day. At nite though he is the king of the bed and I am only allowed to use a part of it! He never sleeps undercover at night which is strange.
He uses a pillow too :LOL:
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