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Mommy's boy, Daddy's girl & Mr. Independent

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Opie, Rowdy and Buddy have different personalities and they have sorted who likes whom, the best.

Rowdy is definitely her daddy's girl. From the first day, when she wasn't raising Cain, she was on Bill's lap. Two years later, she is STILL raising Cain and, if she wants to sit on a lap, it's Bill's.

Every afternoon, when he gets home, Bill sits at the table and watches his soap opera. Rowdy jumps onto his lap, purring, licking and rubbing against him. She then flops on the table and gazes at Bill, with an adoring look on her face. Bill plays and wrestles with her. Later in the evening, after he's showered, Rowdy really goes into high gear. I don't know if it's the terry-cloth robe or, the way Bill smells but, Rowdy will spend at least and hour, rubbing herself all over him. She races Bill to the bathroom and insists that he pet her. (After all, he's just sitting there, doing nothing.)

Buddy is MY cat. When we got him, last year, I wasn't working and had more time to bond with him. He's not much for lap-sitting but, he likes to settle in, on the couch, when I'm reading or watching TV. He will head-butt me and pat my leg, to get my attention. Buddy races ME to the bathroom and sits on the vanity. He reaches out and pats me on the shoulder and nuzzles my ear. At night, he sleeps next to my hip or, now that the weather is warm, batween my feet. Buddy loves to play in my laundry - clean or dirty.

Opie is very much his own cat. At various times, he will jump onto a lap and have a chat. If I lay down, on the couch, Opie parks himself on my chest and naps, until I get up. He also sleeps next to my shoulder, at night. Every afternoon, he sits on Bill's lap and they tell each other about their days. The rest of the time, Opie hangs out on window sills, at the front door or on the back of the living room sofa.

Someday, we'll probably get another cat (or two or six )and I wonder what kind of personality he/she/they will have.
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we found a stray and took it in, we thought it had a clean personaltiy, Boy were we wrong. she was vicous to our other cats and had three liters. so chose carefully when you chose another cat.
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This works out nicely at our house.

Trent is definitely Mommy's Boy. He is almost always in whatever room I am in. Although he is just a lap slut and will take (or insist on) pets wherever he can get them, I'm definitely his preferred petter. He's a handful, very playful and loves running around the apartment at 90 miles an hour!

Ophelia definitely chose Daddy as her one and only. She is a classic one-person cat. He can pick her up and snuggle her, she will jump up on him at his desk for more snuggles and loves. The only time she snuggles with me is when we're sleeping (I don't move around as much at night). She also adores Trent and forces snuggles on him all the time. But she is not a playful cat. Every once in a while we can interest her in a toy and get her going, but not usually. And she usually just gets mad when Trent chases her.

(P.S. Moving this out to the Lounge since it isn't really fiction, and a lot more people will see it there. )
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That is so cute! I remember my first family cat as a child bonded to my brother.
When he moved out she went into his room all the time, I think she missed him. I wonder why they like one person more than another? Like people I guess...just a personal thing.
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I know what you mean Cindy, great descriptions.
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I know what you mean Catman about choosing carefully. My neighbor adopted two adorable kittens and one grew up to be a mean cat. She is upset cause she is a decent person and would never surrender him, but it's not a nice cat. Not much affection towards her, just at meal times. And fights with the other cat in really awful ways. Is just cold and distant. She got them from an ad and thinks she was lied to about their background, this cat was obviously abused.
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My two have definite favorites. Simon is MY cat. Everyone else could fall off the face of the earth and he wouldn't care as long as I was still there. He loves it when my husband goes out of town because he gets to sleep in the bed and basically have me all to himself.

Max is definitely his daddy's cat. My husband picked him out and although he is a loverboy with me, it's my husband he pines for when he's gone. When he goes away on business, Max sleeps every night at the front door waiting for him to come home. It's so sad!
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I am Kahu's favourite, I can see that he loves me the way he walks with me and looks at me while he is walking. It is so sweet. He also wraps his tail around my legs. He sleeps on my side of the bed.

Jake is Peedoodle's favourite, he snuggles up to him all the time, sits on his lap when Jake sits in the blue chair, lays on his chest when we go to bed, follows Jake around.

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