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every time i try to groom my cats, they just sniff the brush and then every time i try to groom them, they claw me, why do they do this??
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my guess would be that they are not liking the brush. If you don't have a Zoom Groom, you might want to get one. It delivers a massage and a grooming at the same time. Have treats to offer when they accept the brush, so they can associate the brushing with positive things, and clip their claws prior to starting to brush them.
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Some cats adore being groomed; some don't.

The zoom groom hissy mentioned is a good option. But I have a cat that doesn't like it, either (he once dragged it out & chewed off one of the rubber nobbies).

You might try combing. Some cats that don't like brushing do like to be combed. At least my zoom-groom-hating cat tolerates combing.
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I would definatly try the zoom groom. Dori HATED to be brushed and I read a post where someone mentioned the zoom groom. I bought one and instead of brushing her right away with it, I sat it next to her a few times so she could become familiar with it. She began to rub herself all over it. Now I can brush her with no problem.
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