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Instant Messaging

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I am trying to figure out the whole instant messaging thing. Some of it is a little confusing, since I am a beginner when it comes to that. I have just never tried until now. I am using Windows Messenger, through my hotmail account. Does anyone have any advice for me that might help me figure this stuff out?
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I use both AIM and msn. Some of the stuff is pretty generic. What questions do you have?
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Well, I have not sent or received an instant message yet. I went through the email addresses that I have and tried to add those people as contacts, knowing it would only take the ones who have a .NET passport. It accepted 4 of them. But it is still saying that they are offline, which they could be. When I tried to search for a contact, I typed in the name, country, city, and state - but it keeps saying "operation could not be completed". Have you had this problem?
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People can choose not to put themselves in membership lists. I know people that when I search their addresses on MSN or Yahoo it tells me it doesn't exist, while others even put their phone numbers! Think of it as taking your number off the phone book.
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Are you using MSN? If so add me,, I'm always online and can help you
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georgiagirl8, What's your hotmail email? I will add you and I will send you messages guiding your way through instant messaging
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Thanks everybody. I decided to try Yahoo and it seems to be better. My sister helped me out with it, since she was already doing all of this. I used a couple hours ago, and I am beginning to get it. I have been going through directories trying to find someone I recognized, because my sister is, so far, the only contact I've got. I actually found my cousin's wife (duh, I guess she would also be my cousin) in the MSN directory. I got her member nickname, but I can't figure out how to get in touch with her online. Is there a way to do it if the only info you've got is a member nickname?
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What is your yahoo username? And you need the email to contact someone online, btw.
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It's countryangel679
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