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Yet another reason to move....

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I already knew my city wasn't that nice, but guess what happened now? In a local mall in the Champs store (sports/shoe store?) a man was shot. Supposedly they were arguing over a shirt, and one guy pulled out a gun and shot him right there in the store! The man was shot in the hip, no news on how he is doing, and the gunman is no where to be found! There are a lot of gang problems around here, and in the area of the mall, just a couple years back a man was shot and killed in his car in front of our house, it was all because of gangs.

I just don't understand people anymore, why do they think they can take someone elses life into their hands and just choose to dispose of them when ever they feel?!
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You can't move away from this kind of stuff - it is everywhere. Just last weekend, there were three shootings here, that left two people dead. Two of the shootings were gang-related and the other occurred at a drug party, in an upscale neighborhood. About two miles, from my neighborhood, two brothers (46 and 50) got into a fight and one stabbed the other one to death. They were fighting over a dirty plate.

Some neighborhoods are worse than others. You just have to be vigilant. Bill has to go out to some isolated areas, on his job and has started packing his .45. This is partially due to increased wildlife confrontations (mountain lions, javelina and rabid bobcats) and partially due to illegal activities (drug and alien smuggling).
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Yipes! I'm starting to like living in a small town again! No violence, no shootings, no gangs(only gang wannabes and they aren't very good! LOL!) Comeon up my way ladies, I'll show ya what laid back country living is all about.
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Try to get as far away from that town possible!
In the meen time, lock your doors and windows, AND SAVE YOUR CATS! (if you have any)
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Haha, yes we always lock doors, it turns out a woman was spinning her keys in the air which were attatched to a lanyard? and she hit a guy with it and him and his friends got mad so somehow someone got shot? real confusing... oh well, my mom and I are having fun looking at stuff in Colorado, lets all hope she gets a call for an interview next week!

Ok I feel really really really dumb asking this, but I gotta know..
My mom says that there aren't much fleas in colorado because of the snow and high altitude, is this true? Or just an old wives tale?
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o0o That's not good. I have alot of gang problems around here too. Millions of teenagers, druggies, and violence. There was a girl that was raped on my street, like almost next door. It's horrible. I like it here, but it's too risky to walk alone, even at daylight. I had alot of problems where I lived before also. Cops were at my complex every day and night. Rapes, murders, everything. I'm glad I've moved, but I sure do miss everyone. Watch your back girly. I've never been hurt, but I've been followed and it's hella creepy. Do you want to move? Or do you like it there?
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I definately want to move, hopefully to Colorado, but really anywhere nicer. Plus there isn't much around here, barely any restraunts, just fast food and stuff. I don't leave the house much, only to go to the store with my mom. I don't even answer the door unless it is UPS or FedEX. I used to walk to school and walk back, I only had one scare. (some weird guy was following me and yelling stuff at me, I was just passing an elementerary school so I walked up to the school and stood right next to their office until I could no longer see him anymore.) I also carried a cell phone which was no longer active, but could still dial 911 if needed, or just to fake someone out.
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