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Someone recently pm'd me-

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"Hissy, how do you know that The Rainbow Bridge exists?"

Well, of course a reality check here is that I do not know for certain that it exists. I hope it does, and I understand that for me anyway, thinking about The Bridge makes every goodbye said a bit easier to deal with.

Do I think that there are animals in heaven? Absolutely I do, for how could it be called Heaven without a cat that wraps himself around your leg, or a dog that gives you a warm brown-eyed look and thumps his tail on a cloud? A few years ago I had a bad accident and an out of body experience. While I was out, I was surrounded by warm beings bumping my legs and there was a sweet sound of purring in my ear. I woke up in the ambulance but I remember keeping very quiet about the experience at the time- thinking some would call me crazier than they already think I am.

I hope in sharing this, that it helps those who have had to say goodbye to their feline friends. There is something beyond this life we share now, and I am just glad that those we shared it with are there waiting to greet us someday.
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Thank you for sharing that experience. I've never heard of someone actually recognizing the presence of animals in Heaven, but agree with you completely! Heaven would not be Heaven without our babies! God created and watches over every animal, and I have absolutely no doubt that our babies that have gone to The Bridge are now in perfect health joyfully awaiting the time when we are reunited! How sad for the person who challenged you about The Bridge. I certainly hope your experience will strengthen the belief of anyone not completely confident that they will be with their kitties again!
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Thank you so much for the story. I believe that our animals are waiting for us. I personally can't wait to see my babies that are gone now. (Mimi, Jake, Pixie)

I think the question of "heaven" however you perceive it, is an eternal one. Does heaven exist? I believe that it exists. I have no proof, but I believe. Whoever did not believe in the rainbow bridge is stuggling with the same question. I hope they figure it out.
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Thank you so much for sharing this.....I have had several cherished animal companions in my life and hope to have a few more before I pass.....and I sure am happy to hear that I will get to see them again....especially as right now my cat is 18 years old and I know I cant have him forever....this will help ease the pain when the time comes for him to leave me....thanks again.....love from carolcat and butch
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If i thought i would never ever see Rosie again i'd crack up!.

I know that now having knowledge about Rainbow Bridge, it gives me comfort for when the dreaded time comes for Rosie and i to part.

I really hope this has helped the PM
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A few days after the loss of my cat, Midnight, I had a really strange dream about seeing her at the Rainbow Bridge. Also, in this dream, Midnight was able to use human language to communicate with me. Since then, at least two other members have posted on this board telling about very similiar experiences that also happened a few days after the the loss of their cats, and including the fact that the cats were using our language to communicate after their deaths. Could these similiarities be evidence of animals having an afterlife? Or is it just a normal part of the grieving process?
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Thank you for the post. I know my Bonito is in Heaven. He was the sweetest warmest cat, and he will never be forgotten. His picture is on my refrigerator door and at my desk at work. He was 11 yrs old, had FIV and was being treated for mange and two days ago a car ran over him.
Bonito showed up at my back porch 11 yrs ago. He was my neighbor's outside cat and she never took good care of him. I had him neutered and took him to the vet when it was needed. I always had good food and fresh water for him and during huracane season I made sure he was safe in one of my bathrooms.
He will always be remembered as the sweeet cat he was and know one day we will be together again
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