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Viva Las Vegas!

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I have been back from Las Vegas already 4 days and we just got the pics on our is a sneak preview...but to see the rest (which is a little over 100) you'll have to go to our website! My mom's wedding pics are in there too! To get there go to: ~ Click on the Camera ~ Click on Trips ~ Then Click on "Vegas/Wedding" Let me know what you think!! We had a blast!:flower:
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Awesome pictures! Looks like you had a great time!

Out of all of those pictures, this one was my favorite! It's just so cool with the sunset in the background & plus, it's a great picture of YOU!

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us & glad to hear you had a blast!
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Shell that pic was taken inside!!!! Not that I was there for the photo of course LOL, but I recognize the setting as inside Ceaser's Palace the "mall" on the Vegas strip. Am I right caprice?? The ceiling is painted to look like that.

Glad you had such an awesome time, and the photos are beautiful!!
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Actually, that looks like the Venetian. I love that casino - they have a shop that has Jimmy Choo boots, in the window.
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Really??? It looks so real!!! It's a cool shot though!
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Dear Caprice,

Sorry if I am not impressed. I live in Kingman, Arizona. It is a hundred miles south of Vegas and our nearest city. I have watched Vegas grow. Glam and Glitter that is all it is. All the Casinos look the same from the inside.

Next time you go, PM me. I know the best places to eat. There is a deli, off Maryland Parkway that is excellent. One of the best places to eat, "The Vineyard", closed a couple years ago.

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First off--that pic was taken in the Venetian. It's a fake sky!

Second--Goblin-I merely posted about my whole trip. The fact that I had a great time and the MAIN POINT is that my mother was married at the white chapel and she is very happy! Personally, I might go back one more time, but the people there were more rude to me and my husband in two days than a lifetime that I have experienced. It's a nice place to see lights and glam...but wouldn't go back! I merely went ONLY because my mom got married! And...that my the only thing that matters!
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Shell-Thanks! I love that picture too!
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Looks like great fun! I wish I could go there sometime, but I'd probably get mad lost :P
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Actually, you'll have a great time if you like to see different things! You can't get too lost because everything you'll really need to see is on the strip. It's a couple of miles long, so if you go stay there atleast a week or so because 2 days was sure not long enough for us!
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I love Vegas, I love everything you can do there, from float in mid air, to ride gnarly coasters, or just relax with friends. I have two good buds that live there and am hopefully going to meet up with them in July for a short (and much needed vacation) I got married there the first time, the pastor counseled us for over 4 hours! It was cool that he didn't treat us like cattle on a marriage conveyor belt. He even took us to dinner afterwards. His chapel was right across from the courthouse.

Beautiful pics of a lovely, vibrant city!
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The Shark Reek Aquarium, at Mandalay Bay is fantastic. You end up in a glass room, completely surrounded by sharks. It is fascinating.

I always go to the Mirage, to see the white tigers and to the MGM Grand, for the lions, too. At night, I like to go to the Fremont Street Experience and Neonopolis.
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I Loved Vegas when I went! And the Venetian is the bomb! I have photos of me inside there, and they do indeed look like you are outdoors!!!
All the hotels are magnificent if you ask me...I loved Caesars, The Venetian, MGM, and The New York ones the best.

Glad you enjoyed your trip!!

Viva Las Vegas!
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We just added the "real photo shoot" pics from the wedding...check it out! It's under the same catergory!
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what wonderful pictures,thanks for sharing
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Dear Hissy,

I apologize for my reaction. I can't stand Vegas. I use it for the airport and shopping. The sooner I get out of Vegas the better.

On the up side, my sister (got pregnant in High School) she married the father, in Vegas. She cannot even remember which chapel. But now she has eight children. As a mother, they don't come any better. I hope you marriage last as long as hers. She is in it for the duration. Good luck.

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Oh Candie, the pictures are fab! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.
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yep- got married in Vegas and honeymooned at Lake Mead (long before it looked like it does today.

I love the strip at night, all the activity and just watching the people. I was there a little bit ago, my friends live in Henderson but work in Vegas, and we stayed on the strip for 3 nights- it was great! We saw Blue Man Group and Cirque de Soliel (I slaughtered that spelling!) It was fun and I had great food. I know vegas can be a bit intimidating to some people, but i loved it.
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Thanks everyone!

Nothing wrong with getting married in Vegas! My mom sure did it last week and it was one of the best days that I have ever experienced.
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