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Best option for senior kitty

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Hello all,
I'm preparing to bring Bobbi, my little lady, home from the shelter next week after my wknd out of town. I'm wondering, since she is 7 or 8, if it would be better to transition her straight to a senior formula cat food or to a premium quality adult formula and see how she does? She seems to move pretty well right now, other than being a bit skittish, but I won't be feeding her what they feed her at the shelter (they feed them Science Diet, OR whatever they can afford at the time - I'll get a small bag of her current food when I bring her home, but I plan to start transitioning her on something else right away)

Any and all recommendations are appreciated - the lowest I will go is Nutro Complete Care. I had a tom that died of FLUTD when I was younger because we switched back to Purina after he'd "cleared up" and I have NO intention of going thru that again.


Erica Lynn - soon to be owned by Bobbi!
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I think switching her to a premium senior cat formula is in her best interest...Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul makes a really great one!

I have a senior dog who loves the chicken soup senior formula.

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Sierra is 9 1/2 and not eating a senior formula. She eats Innova Lite. Our vet said she doesn't require it yet.
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The turning point is generally when they reach 10. That is when they should go in for a general vet check up and the diet to be changed gradually. This little one is going to go through so many changes in her routine, I wouldn't push yet another one on her, and if they were feeding her a cheap brand, I would mix it gradually into a better quality dry food. I would also give her canned, I doubt she has had much of that in her four years of living in a cage.
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