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Pictures of our new kitten

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He is finally home!! Here are pictures of our new kitten, Jack. He is the sweetest little thing on four legs. We are so in love with him.

Taking a well deserved nap after a long car ride.

The back of his cute little head.

Refreshed after his nap.
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OMG , what a cutie . My congrats on your new baby
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That's one adorable little boy. It looks like he has beautiful blue eyes in the photo's. He's just precious.
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Aww how cute! That last picture is the best, with his little baby belly!
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What a cutie! Love that little pink nose and Buddha kitten belly!!

What does Solaman think of his new little brother??
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I love his eyes and he is adorable
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What a cute kitten. He's adorable.

How is is 'older' brother doing with him???
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congrats. lucky you he's adorable..
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Thank you all!! As far as his big brother, Solaman, goes.....lets just say they aren't best friends yet. Solaman takes every opportunity to hissy at him as he come within 3 feet of him. So, of course the kitten thinks well if he is hissing I guess I should hiss back, right? As, long as they are at a distance Solaman just keeps a close watch on him. They'll have plenty of time to learn to love each other. I hoped it would be love at first sight but that's okay.

Oh and Jack slept under the covers with me all night. He was so warm and toasty and well rested this morning. It was so sweet!!

Here is another picture of him I took this morning.
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Oh, isn't it wonderful to snuggle up with your baby at night! He's so adorable!
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Just one more . I just can't resist....
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Oh wow. Flawless kitten. I love the eyes, and the cute little belly. Have fun with your cute little baby!
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Awww wow! That is one gorgeous kitten!
I've never really had a thing for hairless cats, always thought they were just okay.
But this little guy has me wanting a kitten like him.
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God! Hairless cats freak me out.

But he's super cute.

Bald is beautiful, eh?
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Awwwww he's so cute I love where his little arms are tucked under in the first pic.
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OMG - I just want to hugg and kiss that belly !!!! He is so precious!
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When we brought home Pepper (at only 8 weeks old) and introduced him to Scott, things were not pretty. They both hissed, growled and swat at eachother (boy, Pepper was a brave little thing).

Within a week, they were sleeping together, Scott was grooming him and all was well. Scott is his big brother now who lets him bite, scratch and attack him anytime he wants and Scott never puts him in his place. If the kitten gets too rough, Scott just walks away. They are adorable together.

Give it a couple of days....all will be well.

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Aww... Jack is adorable! Love his eyes and cute little belly
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Wow, hes striking. I love his lil belly!! I havent been a big fan of hairless cats but hes almost made me change my mind! Hes so cute!!
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the last pics of him are just gorgeous . Give him some from me .
And btw , dont resist and show us all them pictures of your cute baby
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Originally posted by Scott77777
God! Hairless cats freak me out.

But he's super cute.

Bald is beautiful, eh?
LMAO same here

But this guy has some gorgeous blue eys and is really cute!!

Poor Solaman.. I hope he comes around. Did you do the slow introduction process?
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Jack is so adorable! And those blue eyes are stunning!
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Yay!! We have a friendship forming. Solaman no longer feels the need to hiss everytime he sees Jack. In fact they have started chasing each other around to play. They have even been grooming each other. It is so cute!!! Last night while we were watching TV Solaman came down the stairs from a nap on our bed and he sat at the top of the stairs. He looked around and started to meow. We think he was looking for Jack who was passed out on my husbands lap. It was very cool.

What's going on up here?

I wonder how this couch tastes?

Watching Solaman's tail swish.

Trying to get Solaman's tail.

Okay little kitten that's enough of that game.
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OMG those pics are sooooooo cute
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Wow he is so adorable. That belly is ripe for squeezing
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Wow, Congrats on your new baby. He's absolutey gorgeous, I just adore his little stripes on his tail. I love him to bits!! Some more pics ??
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Oh my gosh - SOOOO cute!! I could just kiss him all over!

Now THAT is what I need - a cat that wont get hair all over my new couch! =P What breed is your new cutie?
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It's important to get your beauty rest when your a kitten.

Solaman will keep me warm, he has enough fur for both of us.

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congrats on your new kitty! oooooh jack is sooo cute!!!! i love the last pic with his baby belly hanging out!! isn't it so cute when their babies and their bellies are so big n round!!!
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Oh! He's so sweet snuggled up with Solaman!
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